Cover The Paiova bathtub allows one to luxuriously lounge in the bath

More than a place to refresh and cleanse oneself, the bathroom also serves as a safe haven where one may find peace and relaxation—feelings that most people associate with time spent in nature. Through Duravit's pieces, one can curate a bathroom that invigorates the senses as much as the outdoors can.

Cape Cod

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Duravit's Cape Cod bathroom collection is defined by its perfect fusion of material and design. Pieces made of solid natural wood (like this one in Vintage Oak) create pieces that are one of a kind.

XSquare with DuraSquare

Floor-to-ceiling windows frame outdoor views best and are well complemented by the XSquare range's wall mounted mirror.

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ME by Starck

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Wall-mounted toilet seats such as this one from Duravit's collaboration with Philippe Starck provide a fun yet functional accessory to a bare bathroom wall, and allows one to design it however they please—even covering it with a layer of foliage.


Organic materials evoke a sense of nature in any space. This Stonetto shower tray not only serves this purpose, but perfectly matches other Duravit bathroom solutions. One may opt to have their shower trays in anthracite, sand, white, or concrete, with each one sporting tiny spots to enhance their natural appearance.

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A Duravit classic, the Vero washbasin has an enduring elegance that allows it to fit in any bathroom setting. Opt for timeless shapes such as these to complete your natural bathroom.

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In the Philippines, Duravit is exclusively distributed by Kuysen Enterprises.

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