The firms explain the inspiration behind their creations and how it represents their design philosophy

How would an artwork assembled from laminates look like? As part of a collaboration with Singapore Tatler Homes and local laminate brand Arova, design firms Architology Interiors and Upstairs_ relished the challenge of creating art pieces using laser-cut laminates.

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Above Co-founders of Architology Interiors Bu Shu Kun and Terrence Quah, and Upstairs_ creative director Dennis Cheok explain the design inspiration behind the artworks that they had created using Arova laminates

“Laminates are usually conceived as being two-dimensional,” says Dennis Cheok, creative director of Upstairs_. “So it's a little tongue-in-cheek, what we're trying to do—to use a three dimensional installation based off this singular material and let every single side and surface be appreciated as a built form.”

The firms also sought to make the art piece a representation of their creative ethos. “Looking through the laminate catalogue, we thought about what would describe Architology best; that's when we looked at the colours and textures from the Arova catalogue that best resonated with our design thinking,” says Terrence Quah, co-founder of Architology Interiors.

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