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Have a lot of room? Here are some of our top tips to maximise your home's most spacious areas

Too much can be a good thing, especially when it comes to real estate. Recent times have emphasized the importance of spacious and well-curated homes. Having a sizable lot not only affords you much needed space and room to breathe, but also gives you plenty of freedom for creative expression and lifestyle choices. Dive into the various design ideas you can indulge in if you own a spacious home.

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1. Create an indoor Zen garden

Indoor Zen gardens have become all the rage. Whether it's for its stylish design or its ability to relieve stress, it's a great idea to put together if you have the room for it. The most important things you'll need are simple: sand and rocks, plus calming greens that are easy on the eyes. Putting one into your home will add a touch of tranquility into your safe space and can also double as a meditation corner for those who like to practice mindfulness. 

2. Dedicate a room for a hobby or as an office

Smaller spaces often have a hard time dedicating rooms for hobbies or work. Thankfully, a spacious abode can save you that stress. Dedicating space for a home office can help you focus and concentrate, making you more productive—especially as we all continue to work at home. But it doesn't just have to be a home office. A dedicated hobby room can also mean a game room, a home movie theatre, a painting room, or even a library. Devote some space to all the things that make you happiest, and we're sure you won't regret it!

3. Invest in art pieces or collectibles

Art has always been a top pick for investors. Sculptures and paintings rarely depreciate value and they make a wonderful centre piece for any area. In a spacious home, art can be an expression of taste and creativity; and the best part is that there are so many forms to choose from! Paintings, murals, sculptures, even collector's items such as furniture or clothing can all be considered art by a loving buyer. Invest in your pieces—and proudly show them on display in your home.

4. Look into lights

Some people may not realise it but lights are one of the major design components of any home. Larger homes have the advantage of customising their lights with design-forward and innovative lighting options. Modern chandeliers and cascading geometric lights look amazing in high-ceilinged spacious areas. Sculptural lamps or even luminary artworks—such as those by James Turrell—are other options to spruce up your home with a bit more personality.


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