Cover Synthetic Moment, Korean artist Meeyoung Kim's first solo exhibition in Singapore, is currently on display at The Work Project Asia Square

Presented by Gallery Huue, the Seoul-based artist Meeyoung Kim's solo exhibition in Singapore brings vibrancy to the stylish interiors of The Work Project co-working space in Asia Square

Abstract art often evokes a certain sense of intrigue, through creating compelling visual compositions that combine shapes and colours that can be rich with symbolic meaning. The subjective experience of interpreting an abstract work is exactly what South Korean artist Meeyoung Kim hopes to encourage in her first solo exhibition in Singapore.

“I think it would be better if the audience could act as a catalyst for recalling pleasant memories, rather than a clear message expressed in language whilst appreciating my paintings,” says the Seoul-based artist. “It’s meaningful to (have my paintings) attract viewers...I'm always trying to make a work worth looking at for a long time.”

Presented by Gallery Huue, the exhibition goes beyond the typical "white cube" gallery; Synthetic Moment is currently on view at The Work Project at Asia Square, where Kim’s vibrant art pieces bring an artistic flourish to the co-working space.

Besides elevating the look of the interior scheme, Kim’s paintings help to create an inspiring office environment; art, after all, has been proven to help spark creativity. A total of 21 oil paintings are currently on display.

Each painting is bursting with colour and features Kim’s expertise with the impasto painting technique; the thickly textured surfaces are vividly rich and emphasise the expressiveness of each piece. 

Rather than working with a specific subject matter, Kim draws inspiration from her daily life. Kim’s knowledge of her country's artistic heritage is alluded to through the bright colours used in her vibrant works; she studied Korean painting as part of her bachelor's degree and master's degree in fine art at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, and had also completed a master's in painting at the Royal College of Art in London.

“I think there's a unique language that the only painting has; I believe that it has an infinite world,” says Kim. “As I work on (each painting), I experience emotional healing and comfort.”

Get insights into Meeyoung Kim's creative process in the video below: 

Presented by Gallery Huue, Synthetic Moment by Meeyoung Kim is currently is held at The Work Project Asia Square, 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, #11-01, Tel: 6955 8888.

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