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Juan Carlo Calma is a wildly creative soul. This every-curious architect, interior designer, and visual artist is always working on progressive concepts and does not shy away from pushing boundaries or testing the limits of design. In academia he studied sculpture, painting, light design and architecture. He has diversified his portfolio to include the design consultancy to the creation of buildings, homes, furniture, installations, paintings to even opening restaurants! Keep an eye out to be sure you catch what he has coming up, soon!

Initially I wanted to focus on just interior design but my dad pushed me to be an architect instead so I could do both. It was the best decision I made. Architecture is not really just about edifices and built projects. There is that rigorous training that lets you see the view in a different light. You see the potentials of a city, an empty lot, a random space, a specific room

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In your opinion what is the most important factor when designing? 

I think the most important factor in designing is to know the needs of the client, then also the context of the site and its conditions.

What do you think are important questions that clients should ask their architects and why? 

We need to know the client's lifestyle and what they want the feeling of the space to be. Based on that designers can create an authentic concept.



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What tips would you give on maximising one’s space and ensuring that there is flow to one’s living space? 

I believe in an open-plan type of design so that spaces can have a multitude of functions, from day to night. If you have guests or by yourself, the design of a home, office or any space needs to be flexible. 

How can I incorporate nature to my living space? 

You can have a balcony, you can create a green vertical wall or try and include garden atriums but for smaller spaces. I like moss walls which is low maintenance.

What advice do you have for couples or young families who are looking to invest in a lifelong home?

Do it right at the first time! Don't sacrifice. Buy that expensive comfortable sofa because that's for life, also make sure to invest in a nice bed. 



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What spaces work best with natural light and why?

I like natural light in the kitchen or dining room, or living room too, but I also have designed so that clients can have natural light in showers and bathrooms - it really depends on your lifestyle. For me, I put natural light as a means to create sexy spaces! 

What are your definite don’ts when creating homes or furniture? 

I follow some elements in fengshui so definitely no plumbing in the wealth quadrant of the house and no bedrooms on top of hot kitchen equipment. 

Do you have a favourite item or space to design or create? 

I have a bathroom and powder room fetish to be honest! 


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