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After launching Philux Spaces, interior design mavens Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez and Jessica Kienle-Maxwell give us their expert advice on how to keep our homes in tiptop shape

Interior design has been made much more accessible with the recent soft launch of Philux Spaces. Known as the brand's design arm, Philux Spaces offers services that cater to the different needs and lifestyles of their clients, from space planning to interior design. "Whether a client is seeking a simple and effortless fix for an unfurnished space, or a fully bespoke service that takes them from the beginning to end of the design journey, our team of design professionals will find a package that fits best and work to bring the vision to life," they say. 

With this in mind, we reached out to Philux's Chief Operating Officer (COO), Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, and Philux's Vice President and Head of Design and Merchandising, Jessica Kienle-Maxwell, to get their take on the best way to redo spaces, whether big or small. Currently, the sisters are working on creating a new design story, one that's set to launch alongside the flagship store opening of an international fashion brand. "As part of the project, we have been curating furniture, art, lighting and installations," Stephanie shares. "It’s certainly an exciting cross-cultural collaboration, and we look forward to sharing the outcome soon." 

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How can I maximise a small space?

Though it's been a perennial dilemma in the world of interior design, maximising a small space has become much easier thanks to thoughtful design. "There are varied tangible ways one can make a space feel bigger without sacrificing style," Stephanie shares. "Incorporating mirrors allows for a maximising effect and increases the reflection of light. Using light hues, whether for wall paint, wallpaper, furniture upholstery or home accessories, is another way to make a space feel lighter and brighter. Forgoing bulky pieces and opting for sleek designs, particularly furniture with legs, always make a small space feel less tight." 

Philux itself is in the process of putting together a new collection specifically made for small space solutions. Called "Philux Basics", this new line will fit in perfectly with the modern condo-living lifestyle. "We have already released a few pieces, such as the Leman Extendable Dining Table and Leman Coffee Tables," Jessica reveals. "[But we are also] working on additional designs, such as a bed with a lift-up mechanism for storage space inside." 

How can I make my space look more beautiful? 

While beauty is an abstract concept, Stephanie shares that good benchmarks to rely on are authenticity and uniqueness. "[A beautiful space] unapologetically represents one's personality and journey," she says. Avoid "cookie-cutter aesthetics" that can make homes or living areas seem generic. Instead, take inspiration from your personal style or story. "Nowadays, with the abundance of options and sources of inspiration, we can be more playful and eclectic with our choices," she adds. The COO also recommends including personalised pieces in your home such as heirlooms, antiques, or mementos. 

Design-savvy Jessica also notes that mid-century modern furniture have been making a major comeback in recent years. "[People have been embracing] minimal ornamentation, [as well as the] use of geometric forms, [the] inclusion of curvilinear accents, [the] exploration of materiality, and [the] marrying of form and function." For this, Philux has created a "Mod Collection" that features nesting tables, the Dalvo Slipper Chair, the Farra Divider, and the Alva Dining Table. 

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