Cover A home design idea from Alan Chan, one of the most acclaimed interior designers in Hong Kong (Photo: Alan Chan Design Company/Facebook)

Tatler insiders share their tried-and-tested tips for finding the best of interior design in Hong Kong

When your living space needs a revamp, turn to these interior design picks from Annabelle Bond, Douglas So and Christy Wo.

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Katharine Pooley

Our home has beautiful high ceilings and large arched windows. It has a lovely sense of space and feels very calming in our hectic daily life. It is both formal and relaxed. We can entertain or just chill out. I use my friend Katharine Pooley, who I’ve known for 25 years, for her impeccable taste and flair. She has travelled extensively all over the world and has a great way of throwing together an incredibly stylish and classy home influenced by cultural artefacts that have caught her eye on her travels.

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Annabelle Bond, OBE recipient, mountaineer and endurance athlete

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Otto Ng

I highly recommend Otto Ng, design director of LAAB, for a fashionable and classy home. He has been my interior designer for more than five years and is behind some of the city’s bold designs including K11 Musea’s Opera Theatre. I select Otto based on his creativity, strong aesthetic sense, project management skills and attention to details. Why settle for less?

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—Douglas So, founder of F11 Foto Museum

Alan Chan

Alan Chan is a designer with exceptional taste. He’s very talented and creates pretty much everything, from brand identity to interior design. His designs are one of a kind and they exemplify harmony between Asian and western design.

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—Christy Wo

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