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Combine elements of comfort and style for a bedroom that promotes quality sleep and well-being

For urbanites on the go, getting a good night’s rest is almost a luxury; but it doesn’t have to be that way. As we do spend a significant fraction of our lives in the bedroom, it’s worth investing in this space to create an atmosphere that promotes our well-being.
The secret to a restful slumber is composed of various elements and lighting is one of the first that comes to mind. “Blackout curtains are a must,” advises Terri Tan, design director of Designworx Interior Consultant. “To ensure complete darkness, a portal-like frame can be designed around the windows to seal any gaps between the curtains and walls.” To set the right tone for rest and relaxation, consider the colour of your bedroom. Tan recommends pale shades such as lavender, which are easy on the eyes and have a calming effect.

To ensure complete darkness, a portal-like frame can be designed around the windows to seal any gaps between the curtains and walls.

Good habits to cultivate include minimising the use of mobile devices in the bedroom, as the blue light emitted has a negative effect on sleep quality. Having the lights dimmed down an hour before bedtime will help regulate the body into sleep mode. The designer recommends having a dimmer installed and to include table lamps in your bedroom; she also suggests designing the TV console with a sliding door to conceal it before bedtime.
To help you along, we’ve compiled a list of calming elements that will turn your bedroom into a serene sanctuary:

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Create a soft landing

For a snug feel underfoot, don’t forget to include a rug in your bedroom. With its sleek stripes and neutral tones, the Railway rug from Woodnotes has an understated aesthetic; it’s also durable, fire-retardant, as well as dust and dirt-resistant, thanks to its compact wood fibres.

Available at P5 Studio

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Find a bed made for your needs

The head and foot areas of the Tempur Zero G adjustable bed base can be inclined to different angles for flexible comfort, whether you’re reading or watching a film; a massage function makes lazy weekends in bed an even more pleasurable experience. 

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The right light

With a height of about 30cm, the Flos Copycat table lamp is a blown-glass opal diffuser with a contrasting metallic-tone base; it’s the work of acclaimed lighting designer Michael Anastassiades. Integrated into its minimalist design is an LED light source and dimmer switch, which makes it handy for bedtime. 

Available at Space Furniture

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Easy does it

The Fantino armchair from Italian brand Lema has an inviting, sinuous form; it’s a great example of a timeless furniture piece that you’ll always find comfort in. The chair features an oak-tinted, heat-treated ash base, and soft upholstery in a pleasing mellow shade.

Available at W. Atelier

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Creature comforts

Enjoy the comfort of natural fibres with the Heveya mattresses and pillows. These feature a foam made using latex extracted from organic rubber trees; a material that’s anti-mould, anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial. Each mattress features a removable cover made of soft silky bamboo fibre and a quilted cotton-silk filling.

Available at European Bedding

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Curtain call

Having curtains in the bedroom can improve acoustics, muffle out unwanted sound and give the room a tactile touch. Dress your window with the Tatami fabric from the Zimmer+Rohde Wonderland collection. It strikes a balance between matte and subtly shimmering textures, and features a blend of strongly textured yarns.

Available at Cetec

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Silky smooth

Luxuriate in the soft textures of the Frette Ultimate duvet set. Made in Italy, it uses the highest-grade Egyptian cotton with a 1,000 thread count, for a super smooth and silky feel. Its beautiful simplicity is enhanced by understated stitching. The set includes a duvet cover, two pillowcases and a bottom sheet.

Available at Takashimaya

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Stylish staples

Flexform’s modern classic furniture designs help to create a sophisticated space that you can fully enjoy. The Adda bed has generous proportions and a sleek look; complement this with the matching Este bench, a versatile piece that will look great at the foot of the bed or in a reading corner.

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Collect & covet

Diptyque candles are a cult favourite for its sleek design and unique fragrances; and its collaboration with French upholstery brand Pierre Frey combines the best of both worlds. Entitled Materials That Stir Emotions, the collection houses scented candles in collectible boxes featuring patterns from the Pierre Frey fabric and wallpaper archives. 

Available at Escentials

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At your service

Add to the contemporary look of your interior with a sleek mix of loose furniture, which you can easily move around to suit your needs. Take for instance, the Habibi tray table from E15, which features a tray that can be removed from the base. Available in polished brass, copper and stainless steel powder-coated aluminium, the table will also develop a beautiful patina over time. 

Available at P5 Studio

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Sleeping beauty

Technology and luxury meet to offer the comfort you deserve, after a long day at work. The Simmons Beautyrest Black Series mattresses incorporate innovative features, which include durable pocketed coils that eliminate motion transfer, memory foam that dissipates heat, and the brand’s e-ION Crystal technology that makes use of 14 mineral stones and negative ions to promote better sleep.

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This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes April-May 2019