Whether you prefer tubs, overhead showers or jacuzzis, these bathrooms designed for the lover of modern eclecticism will make you take bathtime very seriously.

Bathrooms are possibly the most intimate and personal spaces in the house where you not only see to your personal hygiene being upkept, but also where you generate the best ideas. Whether it is for a quick shower in the morning to rejuvenate your senses before you leave for work, or a long relaxing soak at night before you climb in between the sheets, these bathrooms designed with the lover of all modern electicism in mind will make the idea of bathtime that much more tantalising.

After all, what is the most luxurious trophy homes without an equally beautiful luxurious bathroom to match.


Villeroy & Boch Aveo Suite

The novel design of the Aveo collection by Villeroy & Boch is defined by its clear, oval forms that create an oasis of calmness and well-being. Its premium materials -- from the high-quality cabinet made of real-wood walnut veneer to the ceramic washbasins -- paint a picture of warmth and an inviting sense of home no matter how the furniture are positioned. No sharp corners means no accidents like knocks and bruises, only streamlined curvatures that hug every bend and loop of a body laying supine in its bath. 


Keuco Edition 11

The discreet and straight-lined design of Edition 11 furniture is characterised by the clean surfaces of its furniture complemented by a handle-free appearance. Front drawers open conveniently by a push-to-open-technology as do cabinet doors and shower screens. Spacious tops of its mostly angular designs also offer sophisticated sanitary areas with very generous room conditions. Fuss-free and literally clean-cut, the Edition 11 collection stands timeless and classic when it comes to furnishing your bathroom. 


Roca Frontalis Suite

Designed by Belén and Rafael Moneo the shapes and form of Roca's Frontalis collection takes inspiration from nature, in particular the dynamic nature of flowing water. Cascading curves meld into the walls and other corresponding furniture to gently embrace each other, allowing the bathroom to appear more spacious than it really is. Modern, clean and minimalistic, the Frontalis collection fulfills both aesthetic and functional needs of the modern bathroom. 


Axor Citterio Suite

Antonio Citerrio's designs cleverly combine lounge and bathroom, turning the space into a sanctuary that you can rest and relax in as well. Little details involving shapes, design and movement -- like the combination of rustic curves and smart straight lines -- make it a truly eclectic space of style and comfort. The Axor Citterio collection aims to breathe new life into the bathroom by making it dual-functional and giving character and personality to a space many regard as merely a washroom.


Laufen Living Square

Shallow but wide washbasins and clearly defined countours around the edges stand the Laufen Living Square collection apart from many other brands that also offer square, angular furniture. Highly practical, the flat surfaces provide ample storage space for arranging beauty products and other accessories in clear view. When it comes to maximising storage space, no one does it better than Laufen who embeds a lot of its accessories like towel racks and paper tissue dispensers into walls so you can do so much more with the freed space.


Jacuzzi Sasha Mi and Citi Spa

Composing of a sauna, shower and jacuzzi bath, Jacuzzi's Sasha Mi is a coming together of wood, tempered glass and steel for your personal bath and well-being centre right in your own home. Take your baths and showers up a notch with a follow-up sauna spa for a complete self-pampering experience. Little details like sauna temperatures and even music can be controlled to your liking, with the space being completely equipped with remote controls for said features for convenience, making it a room for some seriously luxurious 'me' time.  


Dornbracht Symetrics

Dornbracht's Symetric range of bathroom furniture has won 3 awards to date and it's not difficult to see why. Every piece is separate and standalone, including its spouts and controls so they can be arranged and positioned however you like to best fit your bathroom. Sleek and, like its namesake, symmetrical, they fit easily into tightest spots and will complement about any theme you have in mind. They are not only appealing to the eyes, but are highly functional, presenting the best of both design and use.


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