Alexis Christodoulou had masterminded a collection of ethereal renderings, offering them as non-fungible tokens before the craze for virtual art began

Alexis Christodoulou had already garnered a sizeable following on Instagram for his beautiful digital artwork when he decided he wanted to create a collection of his pieces as non-fungible tokens (NFT) last spring.

“I think I got in just in time, before the first NFT craze [began],” says the Cape Town native, who moved to Amsterdam in early 2021 and launched a design firm, Color C Design Studio, around the same time.

In May 2021, he debuted his first NFT collection for sale via the digital art online auction platform Nifty Gateway. Titled Homesick, it comprises nine moving architectural renderings, depicting ethereal, deserted landscapes that feature home furnishings that should feel out of place, yet somehow don’t. It is a love letter to nature—“the natural part of Cape Town that I really miss,” says Christodoulou—as well as to his home country. It also takes inspiration from life in the pandemic and the pressures of work.

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The South African spent three weeks creating Homesick, working 16-hour days along with animator Christopher Cook, an old friend.

Christodoulou, who taught himself 3D rendering a decade ago and has previously worked in advertising and winemaking, says he has been interested in the digital world from a young age.

“I’ve always had this fascination with video games and all these ideas about building worlds, and I never really had a way to express myself in that way,” he says. And then 3D came along, he says, and he toyed with the idea of working as an artist creating renderings for architects. In the end, he became a full-time 3D artist.

I got in just in time, before the first NFT craze began
Alexis Christodoulou

A year after the launch of Homesick, Christodoulou is continuing to work on other NFT projects.

“The [NFT] space changes literally every week and every month,” he says. “It seems to be moving towards a more art-focused idea again—after being about profile pictures for almost a year now.”

Despite the popularity of his work—at the time of writing, he has 237,000 followers on Instagram—Christodoulou says he doesn’t foresee his imaginary architecture being created in the physical world.

“I never intended for any of these spaces to be real,” he says. “For me, they’re always 3D explorations and ideas that I wanted people to look at and feel like they could lose themselves in for a few moments.”

Here, Christodoulou takes Tatler through the inspiration behind some of the otherworldly designs in the Homesick collection.

I never intended for any of these spaces to be real
Alexis Christodoulou
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