Interior design firm 2nd Edition infuses the show unit of the Whitley Residences with charm, texture and ingenious space-planning ideas; this project has been nominated for the Best Bespoke Concept accolade, as part of the Readers' Choice category of Tatler Design Awards 2020

Building the ideal home is about weaving together the paradoxes of family living. There has to be space for communal engagement but also solitude, and shelter from the harsh sunlight and rain. In terms of aesthetics, a home should be serene and inviting, while featuring points of interest that reflect the owners’ lifestyles.

Hilary Loh, founder and design director of 2nd Edition, considers all these factors for each project the firm embarks on, including this show unit for The Whitley Residences.

The freehold, strata development in Singapore’s prime District 11 comprises 58 semi-detached houses and three terrace houses. Developed by Hoi Hup Realty, the architecture by JGP Architects is minimalist and modern, complete with abundant landscaping, swimming pools and water features. The two-storey homes contain an attic and basement; residents can immediately access their home from the car park lot and private lifts.

Together with design associate Ika Suprapto and designer Sanchia Janita, Loh considered all of these elements and more when crafting an inspiring interior for this two-storey strata-house. Under the team’s discerning eye, the interior concept is governed by a contemporary style that is timeless and tasteful.

Various materials, such as book-matched white marble, ebony veneer panelling, textured wall coverings, brass inlays and characteristic lighting fixtures are used throughout to create a tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere.

Both living and dining areas open to external views but are separated on the other side by the lift, staircase and powder room. A rotund light fixture on the wall echoes the counter’s rounded edge, and the white marble feature wall continues the visual dialogue with the living room’s monochromatic look.

The use of charcoal black and off-white shades segues into the dining room, which is anchored by a contemporary chandelier against a black panel and glossy glass cabinetry. The effect injects drama into the dining experience.

The sense of space in the kitchen is expanded by replacing the wall that separates the dining area and kitchen. In its place is a bar counter that not only connects the spaces physically and visually but also facilitates the social aspects of cooking and dining.

The house epitomises luxury living, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Loh offers homeowners ideas on how to make full use of space creatively by designing the basement bedroom as an entertainment room, and the attic as a study.

The latter is dressed in a calming palette of greys; a wall-hung display shelf with ambient lighting displays books and paraphernalia, complemented by a bespoke marble desk. The tubular lighting feature above the sofa, triangular table lamp and circular side table come together to create a harmonious scene.

The master bedroom is a case study in creative space planning. A black panel between the bed and walk-in wardrobe functions as a TV wall on one side as well as a table and dresser on the other.

A glass-fronted wardrobe integrated with ambient lighting makes an elegant showcase of the owner’s bags and accessories.

The masculine elements of this room are contrasted with feminine details at the bed area. Art Deco influences are apparent in the angled wallpaper and the bedside lighting fixtures; the sapphire upholstery stands out against the grey bedhead and settee.

Here, as in the rest of the house, detailing is immaculate; the composition of materials, colours and forms conveys the firm’s ability to craft a cohesive look with a human touch.

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Above Hilary Loh, founder of 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

With a focus on designing stylish show units for luxury developers, the projects by 2nd Edition are defined by elegance, tactility and bespoke detailing. The interdisciplinary firm is helmed by Hilary Loh, who started the studio in 2005 with co-founder Lim Koon Park. Leading a team of 16, Loh firmly believes in creating holistic spaces that fulfil the unique requests and needs of each client. At the same time, she is relentless in her pursuit of excellence and originality in design.

2nd Edition | 05-04, 46 Kim Yam Road, The Herencia, S(239351) | 6298 8829

This project has been nominated for the Best Bespoke Concept accolade, as part of the Readers' Choice categories of Tatler Design Awards 2020. The winners will be announced in the February 2020 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes; online voting will close on November 11.

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