Our new podcast Up to Speed with UBS delivers smart 10-minute business briefings on the ideas and trends shaping Asia’s future

When we were thinking about creating a new podcast series, we asked, "What do you want next?" You said, “My time is valuable. I need short episodes that can get me briefed on need-to-know, industry-critical business topics in less than 10 minutes.”

We got to work identifying the most exciting trending business topics in Asia and invited leading experts and industry insiders to share their knowledge in a digestible, entertaining style. Industry-led insights that you won’t find in any MBA.

Enter our new podcast, Up to Speed with UBS, launching on March 29, Tuesday.

The first season will explore everything from why seafood is the hottest alternative protein to invest in, to where to buy land in the metaverse and what it takes to build a fintech unicorn.

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The one thing we’ve learned? Short-form audio is a challenge when you have so much to share, but we’re confident we’ve packed a lot of value into a full-length episode of just 600 seconds. That’s a long shower, walk around the block or quick lunch-break listen. 

Our promise? Give us 10 minutes and we’ll make you 10 minutes smarter.

If you’re an investor, entrepreneur or executive looking to get the TL;DR ("too long; didn't read") on trending business topics in Asia, this podcast is for you.

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Above Keith Rumjahn
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Above Sonalie Figueiras

Over the 12 episodes of season one, released every Tuesday, we’ll be talking to unicorn founders, industry pioneers and fearless entrepreneurs in our community to learn what untapped opportunities are catching their eye and get the latest intel on their areas of expertise.

What’s trending now? What are the market headwinds? How is Asia providing breakaway opportunities for investors? These are just some of the questions we'll be asking to help get you Up to Speed. 

Along the way, we'll also share interesting facts and useful stats for that upcoming investor presentation you hadn’t gotten round to thinking about yet. 

Guests in the first season include: 

  • Keith Rumjahn, co-founder and CEO of OliveX and metaverse master.
  • Max Song, founder and CEO of Carbonbase and ‘NFTs for good’ pioneer.
  • Sonalie Figueiras, founder and editor-in-chief of Green Queen Media and alt-protein authority.
  • Kelvin Lei, co-founder and CEO of Aqumon, a fintech unicorn.  
  • Candice Chan, co-founder and managing director of LifeHub and personalised health entrepreneur.
  • Walden Lam, co-founder and CEO of Unspun and a sustainable fashion innovator.

And more to be announced. 

Listen to the first season of the podcast, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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