Individuals can keep track of their health from home using the world's first patented painless blood collection device

Prenetics, a world leader in genomic and diagnostic testing co-founded by Gen.T honouree Danny Yeung, announced it will be launching Circle SnapShot, an innovative and painless at-home blood test. This will help individuals keep track of more than 50 health concerns that include blood health, risk of diabetes, men’s and women’s health, sexual health and food allergies.

Circle SnapShot features a patented push button blood collection device that causes no pain, and its variety of available tests will be rolled out in phases, starting with Covid-19, heart health and food sensitivity. Other tests for different concerns will be available in the coming months.

“At Prenetics, we have always embraced the notion to ‘bring health closer to you’,” Taiwan News reports Yeung saying. “With Circle SnapShot, Hong Kongers who wish to learn more about their health status will no longer be confined by appointments at clinics or laboratories. This will create opportunities for preventive intervention, bringing positive impact to healthcare systems in the long run.”

Circle SnapShot blood tests are currently available on Prenetics’ official website.

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