Our Connect to Change campaign establishes partnerships and effects change with NGOs around the region. Here’s the schedule of the events

Gen.T is a community built on purpose. Our honourees come from diverse fields but all share a key commonality—a desire to create, collaborate and change the world.

As a platform to inspire and connect this community, Gen.T has committed to supporting a charity partner in each of the eight markets in which we operate, under our Connect to Change campaign. 

Our umbrella theme for 2019 is education. Under this theme, we have selected a local partner in each market and collaborated with them to identify how we can activate the Gen.T community to make the greatest impact. Our goal is to leverage the talents of Gen.T honourees to effect meaningful change.

The details of each partnership depend on the needs on the ground, but they typically include a combination of fundraising and hands-on activities. Here’s what we’re doing in each region. 

Hong Kong

Tatler Asia

Room To Read

Event Get Fit For Literacy
Venue CrossFit Asphodel
Date September 26

Gen.T has partnered with Room to Read since 2018. As a Hong Kong-based charity with a global reach—Room to Read has impacted the lives of more than 16.8 million children worldwide since founding in 2000—it's the ideal partner for our Hong Kong hub. Last year, we sponsored 50 girls to go to school for a year through the charity—one for each of the Hong Kong honourees on the Gen.T List 2018. At the same time, we also announced our intent to raise US$35,000 to build a Gen.T library with Room to Read in Cambodia. We achieved this goal, and will be taking a delegation of Gen.T honourees to officially open the library in January 2020. 

This year, Gen.T is organising a fundraising event, Get Active For Education. Synergisng with Room to Read's own Fastest Executive Race—an annual fitness-themed fundraiser—the event will see fitness experts from the Gen.T List come together in possibly the city's most talent-packed workout session. The confirmed instructors are Vanessa Cheung, co-owner of CrossFit Asphodel, who will be leading a CrossFit session; yoga instructor Yogananth Andiappan; and Gianni Melwani, who will lead the class in a meditation experience. 

This event is open to honourees and the wider Gen.T community. If you'd like to apply to attend, email events@generationt.asia.


Tatler Asia

Fullerton Heritage and Reach Community Services

Event Gen.T Sharing Sessions and Workshops
Venue The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Date September 11

In Singapore, Gen.T is championing the idea of education for all by teaming up with Fullerton Heritage and Reach Community Services to inspire at-risk youth through a half-day session of storytelling and workshops that equip them with basic creative skills. It will see entrepreneurs such as Viddsee's Ho Jia Jian and creatives such as Mightjaxx's Jackson Aw share their personal career journeys and lessons they've learned along the way. 

This event is open to the Gen.T community and Reach Community Services beneficiaries only.


Tatler Asia
Above A Gen.T CSR event with Teach For Malaysia in May 2019

Yayasan Chow Kit

Event Gen. T Prep School
Venue TBC
Date November 21

In Malaysia, Gen.T is partnering with child welfare charity Yayasan Chow Kit to help inspire at-risk youths. This Kuala Lumpur-based charity is a 24-hour crisis and drop-in centre, providing meals, activities, therapy, case management and educational programmes for the at-risk children of the city’s Chow Kit district.

At the event, five Gen.T honourees from a range of industries will hold workshops with the children, in coordination with teachers from Yasan Chow Kit. The goal is to teach the children the basics of their trade, and also share their personal entrepreneurial journeys to inspire the young attendees to strive to reach their potential.  

This event is open to honourees and the wider Gen.T community. If you'd like to apply to attend, email events@generationt.asia.


Tatler Asia
Above Manila (Photo: Unsplash)

Mano Amiga Philippines

Event Student Enrichment Program
Venue Mano Amiga Academy
Date October 5

Mano Amiga Philippines provides underprivileged youth with education opportunities that aim to serve as a catalyst for community transformation and inclusive growth. The organisation provides scholarships and sustainable livelihoods to low-income families with the goal of empowering them to break out of poverty. At the event, Gen.T honourees will spend an afternoon sharing their passions with the students of Mano Amiga Academy in a series of workshops. Through these sessions, students will learn about the different career paths that the honourees have taken, and find inspiration in their stories.  

This event is open to the Gen.T community only. 

Mainland China

Tatler Asia
Above Shanghai (Photo: Unsplash)

Teach For China

Event Panel Discussion With Teach For China And UNDP
Venue New York University Shanghai
Date September 24

In Shanghai, Gen.T is co-hosting a panel discussion with its CSR partner Teach For China, as well as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), on the topic “Youth Responsibility And Social Innovation”. On the panel, Gen.T honouree and philanthropist Wendy Yu will be joined by UNDP representative Cherie Tse and Teach For China’s Abby Qi. The trio will discuss the future of education and the role of social responsibility, among other topics, while raising awareness of Teach For China.

This event is open to honourees and the wider Gen.T community. If you'd like to apply to attend, email events@generationt.asia.


Tatler Asia
Above Taipei (Photo: Unsplash)

The Shiner Foundation

Event Gen.T Workshops
Venue Bitou Elementary School
Date October 9

In Taiwan, Gen.T is supporting The Shiner Foundation in its efforts to improve education standards in underfunded rural schools. Two Gen.T honourees will be travelling to Bitou Elementary School on the island’s north coast to lead workshops with the small school’s 25 students. Cho Chen, founder of Skids School—which has a multi-disciplinary curriculum inspired by thinking, art therapy and family relationships—will lead the children in a number of activities designed to inspire creativity. Fellow honouree and noted saxophonist Tzu-Chieh Shen will also lead a musical workshop.


Tatler Asia

Pansophia Nusantara Foundation

Event World Cleanup Day Activities
Venue Pansophia Nusantara School
Date September 21

Indonesia is the world’s second biggest contributor to plastic waste in the ocean. In coordination with World Cleanup Day, Gen.T is gathering students at the Pansophia Nusantara Foundation’s Marunda School for a day of cleaning up rubbish and building awareness. The goal? To change the mindset of the next generation when it comes to waste disposal. Social entrepreneur Gigih Septianto will be among the Gen.T honourees in attendance, leading by example.

This event is open to honourees and the wider Gen.T community. If you'd like to apply to attend, email events@generationt.asia.


Tatler Asia
Above Bangkok (Photo: Unsplash)

Sati Foundation

Details to come soon.

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