The co-founder of Black Sheep Restaurants tells us how he does it

After leaving a career in banking, Syed Asim Hussain jumped into the culinary world with business partner Christopher Mark to co-found Black Sheep Restaurants.

The Hong Kong-based hospitality empire is behind restaurants like Ho Lee Fook, Maison Libanaise, Carbone and Belon, each telling a unique cultural story through innovative menus. With new ventures continually popping up, the Generation T entrepreneur gives us his top tips on how to stay motivated and productive.


Photo: Courtesy of Black Sheep Restaurants

Show up to work every day ready to fight. I always remind myself that I must be motivated to motivate my team, and channelling the collective energy of the team is a great way to do that.

Learn something new every day. I find inspiration through the diverse and intelligent young members of my team, who represent more than 28 countries. They always have something new to teach me. 

Have well-rounded interests. I enjoy Urdu poetry, art, and a wide range of music, from hip-hop to classical. I am always travelling, and the concepts for our restaurants often come from those experiences. The diversity keeps me creatively inspired.

Keep the end goal in mind. Sometimes things can get monotonous, so to keep the momentum going, I always strive to maintain a clear vision. Before taking on any initiatives, we ensure they help achieve our end goal. Also, as we’re chugging along, we do frequent check-ins and course correct as needed.

Follow through. Great ideas don’t mean anything; success is in the power of execution. We have many powerful and inspiring brainstorms, but our success lies in the way we consistently follow through on our intentions.

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