In keeping with our ongoing desire to harness the power of the Gen.T community, Generation T partnered with BMW Malaysia and Teach For Malaysia to invite 10 students from a local "high-need" school to spend an educational half-day at Kuala Lumpur’s leading aquarium.

The children, under the care of Teach For Malaysia fellow Kimberly Aw and two chaperones, were whisked to Aquaria KLCC from their public secondary school in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur in a fleet of BMW 6 Series GT cars, while five Gen.T honourees, including Iqbal Ameer, Faisal Ariff and Timothy Tiah, were transported in the all-new BMW 3 Series.

Teach For Malaysia aims to give underprivileged children access to a top-quality education by recruiting top graduates to teach them; at Aquaria KLCC, the children were paired with honourees for educational activities such as building an edible garden and feeding bamboo sharks. After a private tour of the aquarium, everyone adjourned for a three-course lunch at Dome KLCC, where each of the children was tasked with interviewing the honouree they were paired with.

'gallery right' 'gallery right'
'gallery right' 'gallery right'
Photo 1 of 21 Daryl Foong
Photo 2 of 21 Ee Soon Wei
Photo 3 of 21 Meet the 10 schoolchildren from a primary school in Kepong, with their teacher Kimberly Aw, a Teach For Malaysia Fellow
Photo 4 of 21 Zun Voon, Yi Zhou and Zun Yuan
Photo 5 of 21 The BMW 6 Series GT arriving to pick up the children
Photo 6 of 21 The first activity was cleaning piranha specimen
Photo 7 of 21 The kids excited for the journey ahead
Photo 8 of 21 Julianah Low, Generation T honouree Nadiah Wan and Sophie Thein
Photo 9 of 21 Dzameer Dzulkifli, Generation T honouree and managing director of Teach For Malaysia
Photo 10 of 21 Class photo with the Gen.T honourees, school students and Aquaria's general manager Daryl Foong
Photo 11 of 21 Arun and Iqbal Ameer
Photo 12 of 21 Next, it's time to build an edible garden to plant herbs
Photo 13 of 21 Melissa Lam
Photo 14 of 21 Everyone digging into the dirty work
Photo 15 of 21 Audrey Ooi and Zun Voon
Photo 16 of 21 Student Yi Zhou feeding the bamboo sharks
Photo 17 of 21 The guests touring Aquaria KLCC
Photo 18 of 21 Students Jia Yi and Eric with Ratna Dewi Lim and Generation T honouree Faisal Ariff
Photo 19 of 21 Next it's time for lunch and 'homework'
Photo 20 of 21 Xing Yi and Julianah Low
Photo 21 of 21 Timothy Tiah shows pictures of his work environment to his fascinated students.
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