Find out more about the young and talented Cartier's Bright Sparks.

Just last week, we celebrated 50 of the brightest individuals under 40 at our Generation T 2017 party.

Five were especially chosen as Cartier's Bright Sparks, to commend them on their contributions and accomplishments in their various fields.

Each Bright Spark was gifted a monogrammed Cartier pen by Mr. Grégoire Blanche, Regional Managing Director of Cartier.

Curious to find out who they are? Find out more below.

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Benjamin Mah.jpg

Benjamin Mah, founder and CEO of V-Key

Futurists believe that we are currently experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Benjamin Mah has shrewdly armed himself with a business that is desperately needed in this digital age. His brainchild, V-Key, where he is also CEO, specialises in mobile security solutions that are offered to at least 30 million users through its regional bank clients and its new partner Ant Financial Services Group, an affiliate of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. As if he is not busy enough, Benjamin also co-chairs the TechSkills Accelerator Governing Council of the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation and recently launched a SkillsFuture-ready platform called TalentGuru, which uses artificial intelligence to match jobseekers with employers in the IT field. “Staying relevant and constantly challenging myself is what drives me,” says Benjamin. And his recipe for calm in this fast-paced world? “Do deep-breathing exercises, often!”

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Daryl Neo.jpg

Daryl Neo, founding director and CEO of Handshakes

Put simply, Handshakes is an application that offers an at-a-glance view of the connections between individuals and companies, as well as ownership checks for those who need them (such as lawyers and accountants). “Though not all our contributions make the news, we are pleased that they do make a difference to society,” says 32-year-old Daryl Neo, who is the company’s founding director and CEO. “It’s now easier to discover whom you can trust and do business with.” Looking out for the community and, above all, being kind are just some of the lessons he learned from being “raised by angels”—his parents. He also always strives to end the day better than it started. His next goal, which involves improving Handshakes' core artificial intelligence technology to cover information contained within a company, will propel the platform and its users further into the future.

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Gan Guo Yi.jpg

Gan Guoyi, co-founder and director of Jigger & Pony Group

Singapore finally has a thriving cocktail culture to speak of and it is thanks in part to acclaimed cocktail bar Jigger & Pony, and the visionaries behind it. For its co‑founder and director, Gan Guoyi, the main game is to keep tipplers coming back. Having flown with Singapore Airlines as a flight attendant for five years, the 33-year-old entrepreneur knows better than most about the importance of good hospitality. “I would argue that making the perfect cocktail is far easier than making customers happier when they leave than when they first arrived.” In fact, Jigger & Pony has become a happy place for many of Guoyi’s industry peers, who often gather there for post-work drinks. What keeps her happy? Her business partner and husband Indra Kantono and her dog Vespa.

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Gillian Tee.jpg

Gillian Tee, co-founder and CEO of Homage

The world needs more people like Gillian Tee. In an age where money makes the world go round, Gillian and her co-founder Lily Phang are looking out for our greying population through Homage, an on-demand online service that connects caregivers with the elderly who require home-based care. She hopes to see more people harness technology to make Singapore a better place. “I get a lot of satisfaction seeing people learn to build things and create solutions of value and meaning from the ground up,” says the 35-year-old CEO. When she is not channelling Florence Nightingale in a power suit, she indulges in her new obsession: surfing.

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Tan Szue Hann.jpg

Tan Szue Hann, director of sustainable development, Marina Bay Sands, and chairman of sustainability, Singapore Institute of Architects

Tan Szue Hann’s calling in life is not just to design beautiful architectural structures, but to make them sustainable as well. In fact, clients of Surbana Jurong, where he was the head of sustainable urban solutions from 2013 to 2018 (and during which we interviewed him for this feature), have achieved energy savings of at least 30 per cent by going green. “I would like for my generation to start thinking proactively about how we can plan for sustainable cities of the future; to address society’s needs rather than simply react to problems and situations that may arise,” says the director of sustainable development at Marina Bay Sands, who is also chairman of sustainability at the Singapore Institute of Architects. Other structures Szue Hann enjoys are cars—especially electric ones, of course.

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