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A buzzing bakery by morning and lunch, a classy diner by night, this quaint bistro gives a taste of Parisian life like no other.

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Stepping into the quaint bistro is akin to entering a Parisian bistro, but right in the busy streets of Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. It is interesting to see how the buzzing bakery and bistro—popular for brunch—transform into a classy dining setting once the sun sets, complete with wine glasses and flickering candles atop white clothed tables. Atmospheric French music will accompany you as you are escorted to your reserved table, or if you like, at the wine bar that overlooks the bustling open kitchen. Its romantic setting makes it an ideal dinner date location.


Yeast has established its name as a bakery, thanks to its rustic selection of freshly baked breads, baguettes and brioches available in its daytime menu. Even during dinner, the aromatic scent of breads will remind you of the establishment’s specialty. But don’t underestimate its well-curated dinner menu of classic French dishes, in which an impressive selection of appetisers, small and big plates of main courses are readily present to entice diners.

To start off, give the kitchen team a test of its French cooking techniques by ordering its baked escargots with shimeji mushrooms, garlic and parsley butter. The taste of herbed butter dominates this dish as it pervades six escargots served with garlic bread on top. It contrasts with bits of fresh diced tomatoes underneath for an explosion of flavours. Yeast’s expertise with bread really comes across in this appetiser dish, as evident in its simple but deliciously buttered garlic-and-parsley bread.

The main course selection is compact compared to bigger restaurants, bu no less impressive. Opt for the handmade crabmeat ravioli with lobster bisque, leek fondue and black truffle. Most truffle dishes in local restaurants can be overwhelming but not this one – its scent is light and the touch of flavour in the crabmeat ravioli is a gentle one. The broth-like lobster bisque is rich and plays off well against the light truffle scent and al dente ravioli.

On the meat side, the grilled grass-fed beef tenderloin with butter, potato gratin and green peppercorn sauce is a good meaty choice. Served medium-rare by default, the slab goes well with the cheesy, savoury gratin. Other main choices to consider are the pan-seared barramundi, seared duck breast or even its steak tartare. If these are too rich for you, order a side of creamed spinach or glazed baby vegetables as sides. For dessert, the tarte tatin is a delight. True to its bakery origins, the hot tart is simultaneously fluffy and flaky and pairs well with the ice cream and sweet apple.


Its wine bar is well-stocked with a good selection of whites and reds, although being a French restaurant, it leans more towards old world and French wines by the bottles. That being said, its selection of wine by the glass is acceptable and also well-priced, though limited to those of French estates and origins. Wine by the glass is also well-priced.


Service is prompt and friendly, befitting its French vibes. Every serving of food comes with an explanation and recommendation as to how best to enjoy the dish. The servers are also knowledgeable in its wine list, we were pleased with our recommended wine by the glass selections.


Coming in at RM320 for two, the quality of the food and wine validates the price. This is a restaurant best saved for date nights for its pricier point, although we think its brunch selections in the day are more affordable.



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