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Mon – Sat 11:30-15:00
Sun 10:30-15:30

Wing Lei celebrates the best of traditional Cantonese dining introducing premium ingredients to the craft, elevating the enjoyment of a new, refined edible form of art

Tatler Says

Celebrating the best of Cantonese dining traditions, Wynn Macau’s Wing Lei is one of the leaders
 in preserving the cuisine’s rich heritage. The dining room sets the tone immediately for guests entering the esteemed establishment—the charming display of opulence is represented by a crystal dragon installation as a focal point. The main dining area thrives under soft lighting
and a bursting contrast of red and gold, which reveals a sense of fine dining fit for royalty. Upholding culinary traditions from the Cantonese repertoire, the menu offers guests an array of familiar classics, reinvented with premium ingredients and new techniques. Some of the establishment’s signatures include barbecued Iberico Pata Negra pork with maple syrup adding a unique sweetness, and tea-smoked crispy chicken, as well as numerous varieties of dim sum available during lunch service. Other dishes are humble in appearance, such as wok-fried noodles with sliced dried squid and preserved shrimp paste in superior soy sauce that is a delight in disguise. Wing Lei is an ideal establishment where guests can enjoy the finest execution of Cantonese dining traditions that are imbued with fresh ideas and a renewed energy.