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The ultimate neighbourhood bistro that serves comfort food and delightful baked treats

Tatler Says

Wildflour has more than established itself as a household name– it has set the standard for pastries, soups, salads, and countless other fare throughout the metro. Their bountiful offerings traverse cuisines, techniques, and flavours from French croissants to Filipino ensaymada and even Korean-inspired kimchi fried rice and steak bowls, all packaged into generous portions that satisfy the tummy and taste buds. If you’ve got a craving, there’s a good chance they’ve got the antidote.

Signature Dishes

  • Young coconut pie
  • Chicken avocado sandwich
  • Kimchi fried rice and steak

Tatler Tips

Indulge in Wildflour fare from home with their online platform Wildflour-To-Go. Otherwise, opt to dine at their beautiful restaurant to sip on classic breakfast cocktails as well.



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