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Mon – Sat 17:00-01:00
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Settle in for fine dining Hong Kong-style as chef Vicky Cheng combines Asian ingredients with French finesse, treating diners to a parade of innovative flavours

Tatler Says

With the finesse of French haute cuisine and the deftness of Chinese cooking, chef Vicky Cheng is forging a style that is uniquely Hong Kong.
An eight-course seasonal menu is regularly updated, but will include
 an exquisite signature pasta filled with Taiyouran egg yolk, spinach and truffle, topped with a dollop of caviar. Sea cucumber, a divisive delicacy, is also always on the menu, though prepared in different forms every few months, and in such delicious ways that only the most squeamish eaters will have difficulty with it. A cocktail pairing menu is offered, developed
by award-winning mixologist Antonio Lai, as is a more conventional wine pairing. The long, sleek room has table seating, but join the camera-toting foodies and couples at one of the three scalloped, marble counters, which seats a total of 25 people, so you can watch a fleet of chefs creating a little culinary magic. Floor staff are also abundant, ready to attend to your every need.

Tatler Tip

It’s worth mentioning if you’re celebrating a special occasion as an extra course might be served depending on available ingredients on the day.




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