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Tsim Sha Tsui
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Consistently good, classic Italian dishes, plated with style, are served with a smile and at a decent price point to make for a compelling option in TST

Tatler Says

It may be hidden under the InterContinental Grand Stanford, but Theo Mistral is well worth hunting out for some of the best Italian dishes in the city, all served at decent price points by friendly staff. Burrata delivers exactly what you’d hope, with a lovely selection of tomatoes to cut through the creaminess. A baked cheese soufflé is a thing of joy and impressively light, while the pasta is always made with real attention to the finer details, in taste as much as presentation. Fish stew brings a substantial and winning maritime selection, while it’s a universally acknowledged truth that Theo Randall’s lemon tart is one of the very best around. You won’t regret ordering it, but the same could be said of the whole menu, which shows how good produce executed by a well-trained team makes for a winning culinary combination.

What to order

  • Baked cheese soufflé – A cracking dish, the definition of decadence, technically perfect in presentation and execution.
  • Veal cappelletti – While all the pasta is on point, this dish marries the best of the rich meaty filling in delicate and light casings.
  • Fish stew – A very generous selection of shellfish, fish and more come in a garlicky broth that cries out to be spooned up and ultimately mopped up with bread.

Tatler Tip

If you have financial or time constraints, their lunchtime buffet is one of Hong Kong’s most generous and impressive.



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