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French cuisine is beautifully executed using the finest ingredients and sharpest techniques at this superb restaurant in Macau

Tatler Says

Dining at The Tasting Room is unlike anywhere else you’ve ever been. Put the elegant environs of the circular dining room with its muted palette, the thorough wine selection and the impeccable service to one side, for it is
 the menu that wows above all
 else. Dishes are constructed
 from the finest ingredients, the combinations of texture and flavour, not to mention their presentation, long laboured over. Most of the produce that goes 
into their creation hails from France, but even in the home of gastronomy, these ingredients 
are of the upper echelon and are always picked at their peak. On arrival in Macau they are often prepared according to traditional methods and, more often than not, expert techniques. Take the hot stones seabass, cooked gueridon style amidst a spectacular display of steam—the preparation made possible by the fact that restaurant does a maximum of 25 covers 
per night. If in doubt over what to order from the concise yet enticing menus, staff recommendations— for both food and wine—can’t
 be faulted.

Tatler Tip

The set lunch at Tasting Room offers diners a reasonably priced way to experience a selection of the delectable delights on offer at this outstanding restaurant.




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