On June 29, the renowned ranking of the world's top restaurants will reveal the contents of lots proposed by celebrity chefs for an auction to raise funds for the restaurant sector

Plant a tree with Mauro Colagreco, head chef at the Mirazur in Menton, which was named the world's best restaurant in 2019. Spend a day with Dominique Crenn on her farm near San Francisco and take part in fermentation, beekeeping and oil production. Fish and feast with Florilège in Tokyo, Japan.  

These are just some of the lots that will go on sale July 3 to 12 on the "50 Best Recovery" website. Full details of what is on sale will be revealed on June 29. Chefs who have already received "50 Best" awards have accepted to propose lots for the auction, whose proceeds will be used to provide support for the restaurant sector. The British organisation has promised there will be more than 100 lots going under the hammer in the sale, which is one of the main elements in its "50 Best For Recovery" project. 

The funds raised will be put to work in a number of different ways. There will be collaborations with different professional organizations in countries as diverse as India, Belgium, the United States and South Africa, and "50 Best" is also planning to offer assistance in the form of $5,000-dollar cash donations to bars and restaurants.

Professionals interested in applying can find out more about this program when full details are revealed in July. 

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