These culinary whizzes show you how to cook and eat well, even during this unprecedented time where we're advised to stay home

Who would have thought that in the time of the coronavirus pandemic, it would be social media uniting the whole world together? So, while one-third of the global population is on lockdown to #flattenthecurve, a handful of chefs and TV show personalities have taken to Instagram to share easy-to-follow recipes to ensure you eat well while practising social distancing.

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1. Massimo Bottura

What does a chef bursting with ideas do when he’s stuck at home? For Massimo Bottura and family, it was to open up their home for nightly episodes of Kitchen Quarantine on his Instagram account. The celebrity chef shares simple recipes using ingredients you can easily find in your fridge. He also shares helpful tips to avoid food waste by recycling, say, last night’s dinner leftover, to a delicious meal for breakfast. 

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2. José Andrés

One of the most visible chefs who rose to the occasion when covid-19 hit the US was José Andrés, who turned his restaurants into community kitchens to feed the needy.

Now, he’s found a new avenue to help those under self-quarantine in their homes to cook better with #RecipesForThePeople. Shared on his Instagram account are humble meals such us his version of Chinese fried rice and lentil stew he grew up eating. To make things more interesting, he aims to finish cooking before his daughters finish singing a song from the Broadway hit, Hamilton.

3. Antoni Porowski

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s cooking guru has tapped into his social media platform to share Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine. While we may be tempted to rely on canned goods and instant noodles while on lockdown, he encourages viewers to “prepare food that’s good for us” with products you can easily find in groceries. Themes range from “Meet Less Mondays” with a delicious creation of chickpea pasta with crumbled Beyond Meat sausage to “Let Me Outside Leftovers” where he crafts dishes using ingredients he’s got at home.

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4. Gabriel Rucker

The James Beard award winner and the brains behind Portland's beloved Le Pigeon and Canard restaurants has also turned to Instagram to share easy family recipes while self quarantining. The first episode, live-streamed on March 25, showed him creating a simple but umami-packed miso cod rice bowls. He even involves the whole family, with his adorable toddler helping him prepare the ingredients. The plan is to do three shows a week, so expect a delicious line-up of dishes including the signature steamed burgers at Canard. 

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5. Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray, who hosts Food Network's 30 Minute Meals, has shared her chicken pot pie recipe to give those staying home a bit of comfort through delicious food. With the help of her husband, John Cusimano (who's in charge of the video), she takes us through what seems like another engaging episode of her cooking show. Throughout the 52-minute episode, she also gives useful tips on how to slice and dice ingredients as well as tricks to up your cooking game. So far, she has only one cooking video while social distancing. But with her TV show production halted until the end of April, it's right to assume we will see more of her cooking on Instagram.

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