CEO and chairman Christopher Liang introduces three names from his extensive portfolio

Paragon Trading Asia has built up an exceptional portfolio of wines, spirits and other beverages in the space of just over a year since it was first set up.

Its thriving global brands have been gathered together to bring unique opportunities, stories and flavours to the sort of sophisticated Asian drinkers who are open to redefining luxury, innovation and the ways in which they view the world.

Chinese-Canadian millennial Christopher Liang founded Paragon by combining his incessant wanderlust with a passion for seeking out the finest beverages wherever in the world they may spring from.

Two of the most exquisite labels in the Paragon fold are Silkie whiskey from Ireland, and Gladstone wines which are produced in Wairarapa Wine Country in the southernmost part of New Zealand’s North Island.

Silkie is produced at the Sliabh Liag Distillery in Donegal, renowned for its triple-distilled, peated single malt which is matured in sherry casks. Silkie has won several Gold Medals at the World Whisky Fair 2021 for being the best blended whisky in the world.

On the other side of the globe, Gladstone Vineyard is celebrated for an iconic range of wines which consistently rank alongside their French and Italian cousins.

After setting up in 1986, Gladstone soon became recognised as a pioneering New Zealand producer, whose wines are an authentic expression of the region’s people, place and time from the alluvial terraces of the ancient Ruamahanga riverbed.

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In addition to producing highly respected pinot gris, rosé, sauvignon blanc and viognier, Gladstone’s single vineyard wines, which are produced in strictly limited quantities, are held in especial regard. A typical example is the 2018 Blairpatrick pinot noir, a wine whose generous and dense palate is expected to age gracefully well into the future.

However, Paragon’s eclectic offerings don’t simply embrace wines and spirits. Their latest discovery is Phenomenal beWater, which hails from Vietnam – some the purest waters in Asia packaged in sleek aluminium cans to make for a more sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain.

Having teamed up with Ball Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, Paragon plans to both distribute the distinctive water across the region, and promote “true circularity” by creating a plastic-free future with recyclable aluminium. 

UNESCO commended Paragon and Phenomenal beWater for supporting its World Water Day initiative in March.

“I’m a genuine believer that good water and adequate hydration are essentials for wellbeing,” says Liang, who is Paragon’s chairman and CEO.

“Phenomenal beWater has set a record as Asia’s new champion beverage by being environmentally friendly, socially sustainable and convenient to enjoy.”

Not content to rest on its laurels, Paragon plans to join forces with leading e-commerce channels during the second half of 2022 to reach a broader target audience across Asia employing the latest trend in retail: dropshipping.

“Creativity and innovation are the heart and soul of our offerings," says Liang.

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