Cover Chef Franckelie Laloum at Louise (photo video still: Kevin Cheung for Tatler Hong Kong)

Welcome to Family Meal, a new Tatler Hong Kong mini-documentary series featuring chefs and restaurant teams in Hong Kong. Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at what happens at a restaurant in between lunch and dinner

amily Meal is a new mini-documentary series from Tatler Hong Kong that features a behind-the-scenes peek into the between-lunch-and-dinner-service space with chefs and restaurant teams who embody the city's spirit of innovation, creativity, and culture.

At Louise in Hong Kong, Chef Franckelie Laloum's team sits down for a pre-dinner service staff meal featuring Moroccan cous cous, roasted chicken, and lamb spicy sausage.

"Staff meal is very important for us," Laloum says. "There is no barrier—there is no barrier for us, there is no chef, there is no commis, we are all together."

This video was filmed in August 2020, during the government-mandated evening dine-in ban. 

Louise, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street., Central, +852 2866 0300 

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