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Other than protection from COVID-19, getting vaccinated also gets you perks from some of your favourite restaurants.

Ingat Angat is an initiative from the private sector-led by the nation’s largest corporations, counting the largest food chains such as the Jollibee group and McDonald’s Philippines among them. The aim is to restart the Philippine economy by empowering Filipinos with the aid of knowledge and vigilance, defeating the pandemic by following all safety protocols as we cautiously return to life as we knew it.

Smart Bakuna Benefits is Ingat Angat’s new national campaign encouraging and promoting COVID-19 vaccination. Resto PH is taking the food and beverage industry lead in this dynamic program by providing generous discounts and free food items to all vaccinated citizens dining in over 150 establishments all over the country.

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This will work hand-in-hand with Ingat Angat’s multimedia campaign launching this month encompassing traditional and social media. Resto PH’s Spanky Enriquez explains: “Education is the top priority to offset proliferation of erroneous or incomplete information and all-out fake news that has led to so many rumours that sow fear, ultimately reinforcing the reluctance of many Filipinos from getting vaccinated.”

This national campaign will provide all essential information about the vaccine’s beneficial effects in order to build confidence and hopefully dispel the distrust brought about by misinformation. The desired result, of course, is to ultimately bring about a completely virus-free population and workforce and regain the economic vigour we enjoyed pre-COVID.

The Restaurant Association of the Philippines or Resto PH is led by Eric Teng (Mango Tree, Genki Sushi, Cocina Peruvia, and Kureji Ramen) and was created by big and small like-minded restaurateurs in the country. It was formed during the first Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ) and is currently 200 members strong representing 1500 restaurants. During these uncertain times, their mission is just as vague and all-encompassing, which is generally to act as a support group for members of the industry. Aside from the many frontline feeding programs they initiated at the beginning of the lockdowns, many of the safety protocols implemented in dining establishments were written in collaboration with Resto PH.

To learn more about the Ingat Angat and Smart Bakuna Benefits and the incentives vaccinated citizens can enjoy in the hundreds of Resto PH member establishments, please visit their website

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