Cover The organisation behind World's 50 Best launches a bar relief program (photo: Getty Images)

The team behind the World's 50 Best Bars launches a worldwide effort to aid and rebuild the bar industry in a post-Covid era

Nobody knows for sure what the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industries will look like after the world's biggest cities—and most vibrant dining scenes—fully emerge from social distancing and lockdowns post-COVID. But what we do know now is that thousands upon thousands of our favourite bars and restaurants are either closed for the indefinite future or operating at a steep loss—not just in Hong Kong, but all around the world. So it's great news that the organisation behind the World's 50 Best Bars has launched 50 Best for Recovery in partnership with Perrier to provide financial aid as well as serve as a resource for bars and businesses in need as they struggle through the coronavirus crisis and work towards reopening and rebuilding.

"With 50 Best Recovery, we took a step back to examine our strengths and work out how we can best apply these to provide concrete help to the bar community," says Mark Sansom, content editor of the World's 50 Best Bars. "We will utilise our network, our relationships and our global reach to raise money, collate valuable information and provide a platform to share experiences. We stand alongside our partners in supporting the bar world and believe that we have a key role to assist in accelerating the rebirth of bars across the globe after this truly harrowing period. We must all work in unison to give back to the community, so that the bars themselves can get back into the business of creating memories for guests that last a lifetime."

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In a three-pronged approach 50 Best for Recovery will support non-profit organisations around the world that are currently working in aid of local bars. The organisation will also launch a Recovery Hub—a content portal hosting advice and information for the industry—as well as host a virtual Recovery Summit later this year comprising seminars, case studies, and forums designed to bring the community together during a time of need.

Bar lovers, here's how you can contribute: Over the next few weeks, the organisation will rally both corporate and individual donors around a series of fundraisers—including but not limited to an auction of once-in-a-lifetime hospitality experiences; the publication and sale of e-book Home Comforts, a collection of "simple lockdown recipes from chefs and bartenders"; and a social media competition pegged to the book launch.

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