There's no longer any need for supporters of the organic and natural food movement in Salcedo Village, Makati to wait for Saturday. ECHOstore's "everyday market" opens on July 25.

In the same vicinity where people look forward to Saturdays for their organic and natural needs, the pioneering eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle proponent, ECHOstore, is opening its doors on July 25 to Salcedo Village residents and business people. It will be open from Mondays through Saturdays, creating a convenient choice for health and wellness in the village community.

It is also launching its ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat line of ECHOdeli items in this branch. Recipes from ECHOstore's resident foodie Reena Francisco’s favourites are shared with the community using the recommended grass-fed beef cuts from Down To Earth, free range chickens and organic eggs from Manuel Pedro and Pamora Farms, and other slow food suppliers for ECHOstore.

“We made menus from our own suppliers’ famous grass-fed and pastured meats and organic vegetables, so people can taste the products and then cook their own recipes as well,” says Reena.

ECHOstore’s Body Basics Line and Home Basics, necessary for any home, are available as well. Other famous natural products like Ilog Maria from Silang, Oryspa from rice bran and insect repellants, and soap and massage oils from various small producers are also in the store.

Health and natural food believers will also find fresh juice blends and coffee to-go. Due to space limitations, the café seats are limited but one can always take orders out for eating in the office or home. There are daily specials which will be made on site while breads and other take-aways are available as well.

“People like juices and want them freshly-made. So we made three variations of juice blends to start with,” says Reena.

Now, there is a market open everyday for Salcedo Village's residents and neighbours. There's no longer any need to wait for Saturday.

G/F NDC Building 116 Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City +632.869.1516.

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