This latest initiative to help feed the needy is a passion project for some of the island's hottest names in F&B in more ways than one

Some of the best examples of finding joy in the service of others are found in the works of dedicated professionals in the hospitality industry. So, it’s no surprise that many are able to look past their current struggle in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic to help the less fortunate.

In fact, the latest example is happening this Saturday (June 20), when the first of its kind silent art auction will take place at 4 pm on Facebook. Presented by natural sparkling mineral water brand Perrier, the hour long #LockdownArtists Charity Auction will see works by the city’s best mixologists and chefs who have teamed up to present original artworks they’ve created during the two-month circuit breaker with the hope of raising $10,000 for The Food Bank Singapore.

Bidding will commence on the same day and will close at 11:59pm the following Sunday (June 28). But don’t wait until the last minute, as the first 25 bidders will receive a complimentary Perrier mocktail, specially created by the recently crowned 2020 Best Bar in Asia Jigger & Pony, delivered to their homes.

"The #LockdownArtists Charity Auction supports Perrier's passion for the arts, mixology and joie de vivre (joy of living); in these difficult times, we hope the initiative serves as reminder for our friends in the food and beverage industry to continue to fuel their passion and express their creativity in a most positive way," notes Jenny Bond, regional director for Nestlé Waters MD Asia Pacific.

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The line-up of artists includes the expected and unexpected talent, from edible art proponent and award-winning pastry chef Janice Wong of 2am:dessertbar, to chefs Rishi Naleendra (Cloudstreet, Cheek and Kotuwa) and Petrina Loh (Morsels), to a duo from No Sleep Club, co-owners Juan Yijun and Jessica “Hutch” Hutchinson.

"The #LockdownArtists initiative comes at a great time, especially when art and artists alike are overlooked during a pandemic,” Yijun and Hutchinson affirm. “This initiative serves as a timely reminder that while there are terrible things happening in the world right now, there are still people who are focused on making things beautiful.”

Art has always been as much of an important creative outlet, not to mention an introspective study of the human condition. “Art has always been an important part of my life,” Naleendra reveals. “I never took it as a subject in school, but I have always made time for it because art, to me, is a very personal and comforting form of expression."

The piece he is contributing is titled If Thoughts Had Shapes, which explores the physical, biopsychological and possibly metaphysical influences that “shape our lives”. “This piece is a particularly meaningful one to me as it is the first piece that I worked on at the start of the circuit breaker, and the first time I am trying this style of art,” he explains. “It is also the first time someone will actually be paying for my art, and I am glad it is for a great cause.”

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Another contributor who is a passionate artist is head bartender of Smoke & Mirrors Jorge Conde, who is just as elated that he is able to help others doing something he enjoys. Completing this group of nine contributing artists are Naz Arjuna, head bartender of Bitters & Love; Phoebe Oviedo, sous Chef of Open Farm Community (OFC); and Oliver Truesdale-Jutras, OFC’s head chef.

“We are honoured to be the beneficiary of this amazing initiative that showcases the talents and artistry of F&B champions,” shares Nichol Ng, co-founder of The Food Bank Singapore. “It harmonises with our belief that food is more than sustenance … but more importantly, food nourishes our spirits as well.”

#LockdownArtists Charity Auction takes place at 4pm on June 20 at

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