Is gluttony is a given in the Year of the Pig? Rather than scrutinise the swirling eddies of a crystal ball, we sought advice from these industry experts: artisanal ice cream makers Minus 4 Degrees; wine & spirits trainee Jordan Lim; and restaurateurs Kit Yin Chan and Jenifer Kuah.

Rise Of The Locavores

Sarah Tan and Kim Ngoh, co-founders of Minus 4 Degrees, trust that the locavore movement will soon be in full swing. “There will be an increase in locally produced as well as sustainable ingredients,” says the mother-daughter team, who make incomparably smooth artisanal ice cream flavoured with Lemon Thyme Black Pepper, Salted Caramel, Gula Melaka and more. Watch this space for an exclusive interview with the darling duo!

Let's Get Technical

Despite being overshadowed by our neighbours in Singapore and Bangkok, KL’s bar scene will continue to mature. “Consumers are learning to appreciate quality cocktails, but bartenders also have a responsibility to educate their customers about the history and science behind each tipple,” says Jordan Lim, whose cocktails at Pahit come with their own stories. "Other facets to watch out for are heightened techniques in home clarifications and redistilling."

Au Natural

"I believe there is a growing interest in natural wines and natural spirits such as mezcal and rhum agricole,” states Kit Yin Chan, marketing director of Joloko. “As for food, there will be more consideration for vegans and vegetarians, as well as diners with food intolerances.” Joloko, winner of the 'Best Restaurant Bar' category at the 2018 Bar Awards, include options aplenty for those who shirk meat, gluten and dairy; we're partial towards the airy eggplant fritters and the housemade dip made from spinach, turmeric, yoghurt and mezcal-soaked golden raisins.

Malaysia In An International Market

“In the UK, renditions of kopitiam dishes are high in demand while our local specialties are popping up in elegant restaurants everywhere. Judging by this, I think Malaysian food will gain even more international acclaim,” is restaurateur Jenifer Kuah’s guess. Co-founded by Kuah and Christian Recomio, Sitka Restaurant and Sitka Studio serve dishes with Malaysian inflections. The oxtail rendang tacos are perenially popular while the roasted seabass with Malaysian pickles was one of the author's favourite dishes of 2018.

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