Cover Alia W Nazri, founder of Souk Asiatique, describes Marrakech as 'anciently hectic' (Photo: Souk Asiatique)

We’ve got mail! Having carved new destinies for themselves abroad, three Malaysian women in F&B write home about coping amidst the current pandemic

Kwen Liew, co-founder of 1 Michelin Star restaurant Pertinence in Paris, France

An Ipoh icon, Kwen Liew keeps it real regardless of success. While some buckle under the weight of awards, she and her husband Ryunosuke Naito are clear-sighted about their ambitions in the City of Lights.

Last in Malaysia in December 2019, Liew is distracting herself from homesickness by perfecting Pertinence’s signatures dishes, including a hearty pie packed with sweetbreads and truffles.

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Melanie Ong, head pastry chef at Gaggan Anand in Bangkok, Thailand

Pastry queen of progressive Indian restaurant Gaggan Anand, Melanie Ong is known for her fierce loyalty and lovable personality.

The mother of two grew up in a health-conscious household, which has affected her approach towards the art of pastry; whether it’s chocolate truffles or edible miniature landscapes, her creations are naturally sweetened using fruits and contain no more than 30g of sugar each.

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Alia W Nazri, founder of Souk Asiatique in Marrakesh, Morocco

A Malaysian in Marrakech, Alia W Nazri runs Souk Asiatique (previously known as Trouvaille gourmet), which offers a multitude of food-related services, from guiding tourists through the spice markets of Medina to delivering home-cooked nasi lemak to homesick Malaysians (and curious Mar'rakshis).

Nazri’s prowess in the kitchen and ability to see the big picture as an expatriate lends her guided experiences a unique slant that’s not easily matched by her contemporaries.

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