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In the first episode of this new video series, Hong Kong's pioneer of molecular mixology tells his tale in liquid form

While chefs are often celebrated in grand oeuvres and Netflix documentaries, bartenders, despite their careers being predicated on interacting with the public, don't often get their dues when it comes to pop culture. Through The Stirring Glass is Tatler Dining's new video series that aims to flip this script on its head, with a look at the life and careers of six Hong Kong bartenders, each of whom captures their experiences in three cocktails made for the camera. From childhood memories to getting their start in the industry, all the way up to the current day, watch as Hong Kong's best mixological minds recount their journeys so far through the bottom of a stirring glass.

Known as a pioneer of molecular mixology in Hong Kong, Quinary owner Antonio Lai has created hundreds of boundary-pushing cocktails over the course of his career. In the first instalment of our Through The Stirring Glass series, we take a look back at three cocktails that capture the different stages of his life so far, from a nostalgic summertime treat from his childhood, to a menu staple of ten years, and finally, a cocktail that won him a pandemic-era competition.

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Antonio's Cocktails

Tropical Lollipop

Rum, mango, pineapple, coconut cream, banana liqueur

Earl Grey Caviar Martini

Vodka, dry curaçao, Earl Grey caviar, Earl Grey air, lemon, lime, cucumber, apple juice, elderberry, simple syrup

My Way

Hennessy cognac, moscato liqueur, carbonated grapes

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