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It's perfectly reasonable to feel a little anxious shopping, even if it is for just the necessities. Thankfully, Rockwell On Demand has the perfect solution for pick-ups, deliveries, and buying assistance

The option to shop safely has become even more accessible now thanks to Rockwell On Demand, Power Plant Mall's latest initiative to keep you—and everyone around you—safe. Shoppers can now get assistance in picking up or delivering pre-orders, shopping in-store, and settling payments. Here's how:

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To get started, simply visit and fill up the form.

Shoppers can choose between pick-up and delivery service, buying assistance, and The Marketplace buying assistance (for groceries). 

For pick-up and delivery services, customers must first place their orders directly with Power Plant Mall and Rockwell Centre establishments. This can be with any store that offers food or non-food items. When it is ready, customers may avail of the pick-up and delivery service on the website. There will be a set service fee of Php60 plus a standard city-based delivery fee. 

Buying assistance for non-Marketplace (grocery) items will also be available. Simply apply to have a runner pick up or buy your orders from Rockwell stores. You can book assistance for up to three Rockwell Centre stores or restaurants within Power Plant for an Php80 service fee plus standard city-based delivery fee. For food items or orders placed with restaurants, orders will be ready to deliver within 20 minutes. For non-food orders placed before 4:30PM, deliveries will be done within the same day. Items are usually delivered by 5PM. 

Lastly, grocery buying assistance is also covered with The Marketplace. Next-day delivery is to be scheduled advance (cut-off time for orders is 6PM daily) for a Php250 service fee plus a standard city based delivery fee.

Orders can be paid through bank transfer or credit card. Please note that full payment must be settled before delivery. 

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To avail of Rockwell On Demand, visit this website

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