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Two new dads discuss dishes that they have come to associate with fatherhood

Despite its many setbacks, lockdown has been good for one thing: spending quality time with one's family and loved ones. For some new dads, working from home or clocking in fewer hours has enabled them to enjoy their 'paternity leave' to the fullest.

Tatler Dining asked Chu Wei Sin, general manager of BABE By Jeff Ramsey, and Fariz Zain Zahedi, co-founder of The Bowery Group, to reflect on fatherhood and the act of feeding your loved ones.

"As Hokkiens, my family has always cherished celebrating the ninth day of Chinese New Year when we pray to Ti Kong (the Jade Emperor)," says Chu Wei Sin, who became a dad five months ago. "It is one of the most important traditions for us; we have a big family feast after prayers end at 1am.

Every year on this day and only on this day, dad used to slave from noon until night to cook his signature Duck Mee Suah or Braised Duck Longevity Noodles with Red Egg.

Our Chinese New Year is not complete until we've stuffed ourselves with that golden brown bowl of duck broth with silky smooth noodles."

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"One of the reasons Duck Mee Suah is one of my favourite dishes is because I only get to eat it once a year. My great-grandmother used to make it for my dad, and he continued the tradition.

I want to carry on this beloved family tradition and in doing so, honour my dad. I'd also love to give my son Raynor Chu something delicious to look forward to each Chinese New Year—the only problem is getting my dad to recall his secret recipe now!"

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Above Herbal Duck Mee Suah (Photo: Samantha Lim)

Served sweet with a jug of syrup on the side, French toast in the West is a far cry from the French toast of Asian households.

"While growing up, my father was always busy building his business, but on the weekends, I fondly remember him making me French toast—the savoury kind!" beams Fariz Zain Zahedi. "We used to have it with ample amounts of ketchup."

This love of bread has clearly moved down the family tree.

"Harper, my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, LOVES bread. If I had to pick one thing that I love making for her, it would be our wholemeal sourdough loaf and milk buns."

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Above Wholewheat Sourdough Bread (Photo: Fariz Zain Zahedi)

"My wife Aneesha and I spend loads of time in our kitchen; like most people nowadays, the kitchen is the centre of activity in our home. In that respect, Harper is growing up around her mummy and daddy randomly trying new recipes and cooking up a storm.

They grow up so fast—she’ll be the one making bread for us pretty soon," jokes the jovial dad.