For one night, an unexpected location in Quarry Bay played host to a unique collaboration between trailblazing farmers and chefs, co-organised by T.Dining Hong Kong, Taikoo Place and Honestly Green. The purpose of the event was simple: to highlight the hard-earned harvest from Hong Kong's local farms, through the creative lens of the city's finest chefs. For too long, the perception has been that this metropolis—which imports close to 90 per cent of its fresh produce—is a lost cause when it comes to producing ingredients of note. While the farming industry has been waning, it is initiatives such as Taikoo Place and Honestly Green's Tong Chong Street Market, and supporting organisations such as Hong Kong Farmer's Pride Association Ltd, that have brought local farmers and their fresh wares back into the spotlight. For one night on February 17, 2019, we were able to host an exceptional dining experience for 50 guests at the spectacular Lincoln House Bridge in Quarry Bay, where five talented chefs—including Barry Quek (Beet), Eric Räty (Arbor), Jacky Chan (The Refinery), Vicky Cheng (VEA) and Vicky Lau (Tate Dining Room & Bar)—presented a ten-course dinner showcasing the very best of organic Hong Kong produce, paired with Cloudy Bay wines and Ruinart champagne courtesy of Moët Hennessy Diageo (MHD). Ingredients on the menu came from land and sea, from locally reared black pork and lobster to fresh tomatoes, winter greens and sweet strawberries and roselle. Special thanks to our sponsors V-ZUG, who created a pop-up kitchen in the space, and Asia Miles, who shared the event with their loyal members.