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Don't be fooled by its ease of execution; Sally Quah's Kerabu Lap Cheong is packed full of flavour

Known as a proficient cook to her family and friends, who are often bestowed with gifts of food from her kitchen, Sally Quah of Loob Holding learnt finesse at the stove from her mother.

"My mum is very good at cooking Thai food. Being from Perlis, we used to live near the Thai border," explains Quah. Hence the Thai-inflected dishes that are often served at the Loo household, from Thai-style Kuey Chap to Khao Kha Moo or Thai pork knuckle rice.

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"Most of the dishes I've been making at home during MCO are my mother's recipes. Some I search for online," says Quah, who has been sharing step-by-step recipes for her mouthwatering dishes on Instagram.

"Bryan's favourite dishes would be the Salted Roast Pork and the Kelabu Lap Cheong (recipe below), whereas my kids love the Black Pork Belly and my Burnt Cheesecake."

A hands-on cook, Quah doesn't use precise measurements for her recipes, but tastes and adjusts her dishes on the go, so feel free to do the same when making the following:


Sally Quah's Recipe For Kerabu Lap Cheong


1 tbsp Fish sauce
1 cup Chopped onions
1 cup Coriander
1/2 cup Calamansi juice
2 tbsp Birds eye chillies
2 tbsp Sugar
2 sticks of Lap cheong or Chinese sausage


  1. No need for oil—just fry the Chinese sausages in their own fat.
  2. Toss the cooked Chinese sausages with the remaining ingredients.
  3. Serve with white rice and enjoy!


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