5 things...with Josh Boutwood

From testing things out in the kitchen to getting right back down to primal basics, Philippine Tatler’s T.Dining Best New Chef 2018 talks about the primal culinary language of Savage—his brand new chef-driven, “primal-inspired” restaurant—and reveals a few interesting morsels about himself.

T.Dining: In 5 words, describe the Savage concept. 
Josh Boutwood: Bold, primal, refined, relaxed, rock.

T.Dining: What are 5 main ingredients you'll always find on the Savage menu and 5 ingredients you'll never find? 
JB: Smoke, meat, fish, cheese, vinegar, bread. You’ll never find: Foie gras, caviar, unicorn, gold leaf, french fries.

T.Dining: What are 5 dishes everyone should order off the menu that is a good representation of the Savage concept? 
JB: Fresh Carabao cheese, heirloom tomato and burrata, tuna jaw, ribeye, kladdkaka (a Swedish chocolate cake.

T.Dining: 5 things people don’t know about you?
JB: I’m an introvert. I love fishing. I still shoot 135mm film. I’m an avid Formula One fan. I love driving. 

T.Dining: 5 things you'd like to accomplish in the future? 
JB: Nepal is on my bucket list. A restaurant back in Europe. A faster car. Sleep more. Work with more charities. 

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