Spending over three leisurely hours enjoying a five course meal, three bottles of wine, and Chef Tonyboy’s company was truly memorable

A few days ago, T.Dining got a chance to visit Antonio’s for a much needed and refreshing trip to the picturesque Tagaytay destination. Known for its old colonial-style mansion and lush greenery, Antonio’s is a lovely escape from the city landscape that pervades one’s daily life. Joined by Chef Tonyboy himself — incredibly vibrant and a truly gracious host — the three-hour lunch went by like a breeze.

To start off the meal, we were in for a treat with a generous serving of raclette with several kinds of chutney. The herb salad that followed was a symphony of greens, dried fruits and nuts with flavours so light yet immensely satisfying. The tomato soup was delightfully light and delicately seasoned, which made for a fitting transition to the main course.

The 48 day old steak (the longest they have dry-aged so far) was cooked and seasoned to perfection. Served with a hearty slice of potato gratin (one is instantly reminded of home) and an array of sauces to match, it was at this point that we thought we couldn’t indulge any further. Then came dessert.

With a plethora of choices for sweets — from apple pie to homemade (and unique) ice cream flavours — we all somehow found more room.  Several hours had gone by and there was still much more to talk about, as Chef Tonyboy was absolutely engaging and offered interesting conversation. The lunch felt like an effortless reprieve from the hustle-bustle of deadlines and meetings, which is exactly what makes Antonio’s truly memorable.

The welcoming atmosphere, incredible and personalised service, and stellar food is what Antonio’s has been known for time and time again. Truly, it deserves to be Philippine Tatler T.Dining’s first restaurant elevated to its Hall of Fame. One should always find some time to visit as the meals at Antonio's keep hitting all the bases.

  • WordsAdditional Commentary by Irene Martel Francisco
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