Cover Left to right: Razif Hashim, Ili Sulaiman & Darren Chin

Despite the dire circumstances caused by coronavirus, it's inspiring to see the world over discover/rediscover the joys of food & drink preparation. By creating & sharing content on Instagram, these chefs & bartenders based in Malaysia are encouraging us to tie on our aprons

1. Chef Darren Chin

While chefs don't often divulge their restaurant recipes, Darren Chin of DC Restaurant, Bref by Darren Chin, and Café-Bistrot David has been beating boredom by demonstrating how to replicate some of his bestsellers via IGTV.

Kicking off the series with his signature Cold Cappellini, Chin has since revealed his recipes for Pici Cacio e Pepe with shaven black truffles, DC's signature slow-roasted lamb rack on binchotan charcoals; and classic Potatoes à la Dauphinoise—tune in around 2PM each day.

TATLER TIP: Can't trust yourself at the stove? Chin is also selling Wagyu burgers on 'crolls' (croissant-rolls) that call for minimum effort. Simply cook the patties on a skillet/frying pan and bake/toast the bread before serving.

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2. Chef Ili Sulaiman

"I'm using mostly pantry items because we should be rationing our food and making one pot recipes," explained Chef Ili Sulaiman in her cooking demo of Ikan Masin Masak Lemak Cili Padi. Practical and palatable, the Gen T lister's ingredients and directions are listed in both Malay and English to appeal to a wider audience.

An interesting recipe that has caught our eye is her mum's healthy take on Bubble & Squeak; instead of pan-frying leftovers as the British do, the chef makes a clear soup laden with cabbage, carrots, and other comforting ingredients.

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3. Milky Whey Cheese

While Milky Whey's cheese cellar in Mont Kiara is closed to visitors at this point in time, Annisa Iwan and team are plenty occupied with deliveries and the occasional cooking class.

"Tomorrow (March 24) for instance, I will demonstrate mascarpone making, and if we have enough time, we'll be turning it into tiramisu," said Iwan. The best way to stay in the know of the cheesemaker's virtual workshops is to follow @milkywheycheese on Instagram.

4. Raziff Hashim Versus Mark Ng

Less a battle of the chefs and more like banter between boys, the cooking challenges issued by Razif Hashim (@razifhashim) and Mark Ng (@simply.enak) has a fun continuity—the last time we checked, both had collectively bounced some ten recipes back and forth.

If anything, the partial lockdown has shown how a love of food is the glue in some friendships despite differences in vocation (Hashim is an actor, emcee, television host, and the co-founder of Wayang Kitchen; Ng is a food tour guide and the co-founder of Simply Enak) or location (one lives in Kuala Lumpur, the other in Penang).

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5. The Sticky Wicket

Bartender Mattman Joseph makes a mean drink at The Sticky Wicket, but without his usual posy of customers at the cricket-themed pub, is turning his attention to thirsty netizens. Learn some tricks of the bar trade, from the right way to shake a cocktail to the best way to extract more juice from your citrus fruits, by following @thestickywicketkl on Instagram.

No cocktail shaker, you say? "You can use a jam jar, a pickle jar, or even one of those takeaway coffee cups," Joseph reveals. How's that for a lightbulb moment?

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6. Dissolved Solids (Just For Laughs)

Bouts of pure boredom can lead to comedy, as proven by this bar's tutorial on how to make the best ice water. "You want a rough chop like when preparing a mirepoix," says bartender Jack Lai at minute 1.06, except he isn't chopping vegetables but ice. We cracked a few laughs while watching Lai apply real bartending techniques and cooking jargon to something as redundant as chilled H20.

TATLER TIP: Need something stiffer than ice water? Reach out to Dissolved Solids to have cocktails delivered straight to your doorstep.

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