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International Women's Day (March 8) comes around just once a year, but you can follow these women's colourful exploits year-round

Apropos of International Women's Day on March 8, 2021, Tatler has rounded up a list of women who, beyond devoting much of their lives to food and/or drinks, also invest time and effort in marketing themselves on Instagram. Follow these cookbook authors, bartenders, chefs, food stylists and more for your daily dose of inspiration and give them your double-taps / likes.

Some might nitpick, so let us make it clear: not all the featured personalities are Malaysian, but they've lived here long enough to contribute to our economy. Moreover, one or two may not be based in Malaysia, but continue to spread the gospel of Malaysian food abroad. All names are listed in alphabetical order.

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1. Anabelle Co-Martinent, restaurateur

2. Angel Ng, bar and beverage specialist

3. Anis Nabilah, cooking show host

4. Basira Yeusuff, chef

5. Carrie Scully, chef

6. Danielle Peita Graham, cookbook author and entrepreneur

7. Debbie Teoh, nyonya chef and cookbook author

8. Eiling Lim, Malaysia's first independent bottler

9. Eunice Martin Lim, food and prop stylist

10. Ili Sulaiman, recipe creator and entrepreneur

11. Lyn Siew, restaurateur

12. Melba Nunis, Kristang chef and cookbook author

13. Samantha Lee, food artist

14. Shirmy Chan, mixologist

15. Siti Kader, chef and restaurateur

16. Soo Yin Goh, food stylist and photographer

17. Trisha Toh, food and prop stylist

18. Yin Yin Boey, author and raw food advocate

19. Zeehan Zahari, halal gastronomy specialist

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