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Thinking of going vegan, or interested in trying it out? There's no better time than in January—aka. "Veganuary", a global movement that encourages people to go vegan in the first month of each year. Whether it's for better health, animal welfare or the environment, veganism is a rising trend and lifestyle that's here to stay.

To help you get started, we've found 15 Hong Kong vegan accounts on Instagram for your daily dose of vegan food inspiration, guilt-free snacks and plant-based posts:

1. @greenmonday.david

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A post shared by David Yeung 楊大偉 (@greenmonday.david) on

Tatler 500 lister David Yeung is the founder of Green Monday, a global initiative that encourages people to forego meat at least once a week. He's also behind Green Common, a health food store chain and Omnipork, a plant-based pork alternative that's made of soy, pea, mushroom and rice proteins. His Instagram feed is packed with vegan eats, especially of Asian cuisine, and the occasional celebrity supporter.

Follow David Yeung at @greenmonday.david

2. @greenqueenhk

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A post shared by Green Queen (@greenqueenhk) on

One of Hong Kong's earliest proponents of green living, Green Queen is a Hong Kong-based platform for all things eco and wellness. Run by Sonalie Figueiras, the "Green Queen" herself, and co-founder Tracy Turo, a data scientist by trade, their feed is populated with bright and vibrant vegan dishes mixed in with zero waste and plastic-free inspiration.

Follow Green Queen at @greenqueenhk


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Aiming to be "the best local guide to going vegan in Hong Kong", Hong Kong student Eugenia uses her Instagram account to show people how to avoid animal products in Hong Kong, protect the environment and do more good for the world. Her feed features a mix of homemade and restaurant-bought vegan dishes that look equally delicious.

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4. @chefpeggychan

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A post shared by P Chan (@chefpeggychan) on

Founder and chef of Grassroots Pantry, Peggy Chan is passionate about living a meat-free and sustainable lifestyle. You might recognise her as the cover star of our August 2018 Green issue, alongside fellow Hong Kong vegan David Yeung. Follow her feed to get an inside look at life as a #bosslady at one of Hong Kong's most pioneering plant-based restaurants.

Follow Peggy Chan at @chefpeggychan


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A post shared by HERBIVORE | HONG KONG ( on

Featuring a mix of vegan and vegetarian dishes around town, you'll never run out of ideas on where to eat guilt-free with's feed. Each post has a location tag, price range and rating (out of five) so you know exactly what you're in for.

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6. @nourisheats

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A post shared by Joanna | Nourisheats (@nourisheats) on

With a background in art and design, Joanna (aka. @nourisheats) creates smoothie bowls that are literal works of art. Now training to become a yoga teacher and health coach, you'll find plenty of inspiration on her feed on self-love, ways to detox and of course, how to recreate her gorgeous smoothie bowls.

Follow Joanna at @nourisheats

7. @keikeicakesyip

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A post shared by Keikei Yip (@keikeicakesyip) on

Who knew that boxing and baking could mix? Keikei Yip, a fitness trainer at Hong Kong boxing club Lights Out HK, proves that she can pack a punch in the kitchen as well. Follow her feed (if you dare) for the most drool-worthy and delicious vegan cakes and desserts including vegan pandan cake, chocolate chip cookies and her legendary banana bread. All items can be ordered on

Follow Keikei at @keikeicakesyip

8. @6thshare

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A post shared by cheryl ting (@6thshare) on

At just 16 years old, Cheryl is a vegan foodie and talented photographer in Hong Kong. Having collaborated with Mana! Fast Slow Food and Live Zero, her feed is full of beautifully styled photos of pancakes, flatbreads, cookies, smoothie bowls and more.

Follow Cheryl at @6thshare

9. @eatyoplant

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A post shared by •A G N E S• (@eatyoplant) on

Based in Hong Kong, Agnes (aka. @eatyoplant) showcases some of the best-looking vegan dishes we've ever seen from Hong Kong, Vancouver and Chicago. From avocado toast to overnight oats, don't be alarmed if your stomach starts growling as you scroll down her feed.

Follow Agnes at @eatyoplant

10. @livinggaea

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A post shared by Chef Moy (@livinggaea) on

Chef Moy is the raw vegan chef for nood food, so expect to find a lot of fresh produce on his feed such as kale, sprouts and even the medicinal Chaga mushroom. It's not just raw ingredients you'll find on his feed though, as he's a coffee and chocolate lover as well.

Follow Chef Moy at @livinggaea

11. @veganguidehk

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A post shared by Vegan Guide in Hong Kong ?? (@veganguidehk) on

A helpful tool for finding vegan eats in Hong Kong, @veganguidehk posts and reposts pictures of vegan dishes around town, some of which are contributed by followers. Get in on the action by tagging #veganhk or #veganguidehk to join the community.

Follow VeganGuideHK at @veganguidehk

12. @pretendhealthy

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A post shared by ?prentendhealthy?? (@pretendhealthy) on

Founded by Des & Yvonne, @pretendhealthy is all about exploring ways to start a healthy and green lifestyle. With a cartoon turtle as their mascot, they're showing Hong Kong that it's okay to take it slow sometimes. Look for beautiful smoothie bowl recipes on their feed and plenty of snack ideas on their IG stories.

Follow Des and Yvonne at @pretendhealthy

13. @we.for.vegan

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A post shared by 〰️H e r b i v o r e s ?〰️ (@we.for.vegan) on

Run by two Hong Kong-based sisters, this account is not just about vegan eating, but animal welfare and eco-friendliness as well. Inspirational quotes are sprinkled into their feed, which also feature local vegan eats, vegan beauty products and plastic-free inspiration.

Follow them at @we.for.vegan

14. @snackwithsara

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A post shared by Pretty + Practical Plant Food (@snackwithsara) on

Focusing on "pretty and practical plant food", Sara Bond (who's a Disney princess in real life with a passion for sustainable food) takes pictures of all the colourful plant-based dishes she creates or comes across on her travels, which include Tokyo, Vietnam and of course, Hong Kong.

Follow Sara at @snackwithsara

15. @littleplantsoul

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If you're passionate about living the plant-based lifestyle, fitness and travel, this account is for you. Look for homemade recipes on the feed as well as tips on how to live plastic-free—@littleplantsoul is also a member of @byebyeplasticbagshk, a youth-driven NGO on reducing single-use plastics in Hong Kong.

Follow her at @littleplantsoul

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(Editor's note: Some of the above account holders may not be 100 percent vegan, but many are moving towards a plant-based lifestyle and using their Instagram feeds to promote veganism.)

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