Want to skip the menu and go straight for the drool-worthy, and (sometimes) outright extravagant food posts on Instagram? From your next meal ideas to satisfying some late-night cravings, scroll down and start double tapping on your favourite chefs' accounts:

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Vicky Cheng - Vea

Hong Kong-born Generation T lister Vicky Cheng has been trained by some of America's most celebrated chefs. Having worked in acclaimed restaurants including Daniel in New York and Canoe and Auberge du Pommier in Toronto, Cheng brought back his culinary experience and opened up Vea with his business partner. Known as a Hong Kong chef cooking French food, Cheng and his restaurant (which placed in our 2018 T.Dining Top 20 Best Restaurants list) is one to watch.

Why follow him? With a thoughtfully curated feed, you can expect high-quality posts on his Instagram, whether it's Cheng showcasing an ingredient of his choice for the day or his travel experiences locally and globally searching and discovering new ways to creating dishes. Meet him at this year's Taste of Hong Kong 2018.


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Peggy Chan - Grassroots Pantry

Spearheading the green movement in Hong Kong with her organic, plant-based dining spot Grassroots Pantry, Gen.T lister Peggy Chan founded her restaurant in 2012. A favourite amongst herbivores, Chan's innovative vegetarian menu has taken the city by storm.

Why follow her? Always keen to post where she got her inspiration from, her feed is not only a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in Grassroots Pantry, but also an insight into her spiritual journey.


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Richard Ekkebus - Amber

Culinary director of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental's Amber, Richard Ekkebus started his apprenticeship with renowned Dutch chefs Hans Snijders and Robert Kranenborg who taught him how to cook. Having refined his skills under French masters, Ekkebus brought his mastered techniques and intuition to Amber. 

Why follow him? A regular face at events, TV, and media, Ekkebus is no stranger amongst Hong Kong's food and beverage industry. He's also extremely responsive on Instagram—follow Ekkebus to see all the latest happenings.


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Esdras Ochoa - 11 Westside

Known as LA’s taco king, Chef Esdras Ochoa opened 11 Westside in Hong Kong just last summer in July 2017. Following his successful, almost exclusively outdoor restaurant in LA’s Frogtown, Salazar, Ochoa made the bold move of expanding his Mexican food empire to Asia. 

Why follow him? Ochoa is always on the go—make sure you watch his feed to keep track on his surprise trips back to Hong Kong.


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May Chow - Little Bao

Named Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants's Best Female Chef of 2017, and two-time Local Champion winner May Chow is the founder of the hip and trendy restaurants, Little Bao, Second Draft and Happy Paradise. She's been widely recognised for her popular rendition of burgers using Asian buns and clever takes traditional Chinese dishes.

Why follow her? Chow's upbeat and cheerful personality translates into her feed and gives you the best of both worlds on keeping up with her. Find her at Taste of Hong Kong 2018.


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Palash Mitra - New Punjab Club

Formerly from Gymkhana in London, Palash Mitra is the head chef of Black Sheep Restaurant's New Punjab Club (also named as the readers’ choice award for Best New Restaurant and Best Service award by T.Dining). Having recently relocated to Hong Kong, Mitra has brought over the authentic cooking skills he learned from cooking alongside his mother and grandmother in India.

Why follow him? Asides from Mitra's Punjabi enticing food shots, being a family man, his daughter makes an occasional appearance on his Instagram feed as well. Meet him in person during this year's Taste Of Hong Kong.


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Guillaume Galliot - Caprice

Having joined the Four Seasons just under a year ago, chef Guillaume Galliot is Caprice’s new frontman. Bringing his vision of French cuisine to Asia, the born and bred French chef has worked in various countries including Singapore and Macau before finally settling in Hong Kong.

Why follow him? With Galliot's delectable signature dishes on display, his feed will tempt you to visit Caprice as soon as possible. You'll be able to spot him at Taste of Hong Kong.


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Daniel Calvert - Belon

As the head chef of Belon and recently awarded as T.Dining's Best New Chef of 2018, Calvert is as experienced as they come. Having worked in multiple cities around the world, starting off from London to New York and Paris, this Brit chef has more than 13 years of culinary experience under his belt.

Why follow him? From posting his own foodie adventures to finding inspiration for his next Neo-Parisian dish at Belon, Calvert's feed will have you wanting to bookmark every spot he's been.


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Maxime Gilbert - Ecriture

Maxime Gilbert is the former chef de cuisine at Amber and executive chef at Ecriture, a fine French dining restaurant that will be opening soon at the H Queen’s Building in Central.

Why follow him? From the design of Ecriture's new logo to the architectural design of the kitchen, get the inside scoop on the new restaurant straight from Gilbert's Instagram. 


10 / 10

Ferran Tadeo - La Rambla

Executive chef La Rambla by Catalunya, Ferran Tadeo has led the new kitchen team since its opening back in last November. The Spanish chef was part of the opening team at El Nacional de Barcelona, as well as being the protégé of two world-renowned Spanish chefs Ferran Adrià and José Andrés.

Why follow him? With such a strong culinary background, Tadeo brings authentic Spanish cuisine to Hong Kong and his Instagram perfectly documents his journey of searching for the best ingredients.