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André Chiang’s Macau debut is a wonderful exploration journey of possibilities on Sichuan with just the right touch of Western approach

Tatler Says

Wynn Palace’s Sichuan Moon is an establishment to love, as acclaimed chef André Chiang makes his Macau debut by exploring the many possibilities of Sichuan cuisine through dishes that showcase its many facets and flavour profiles beyond the expected numbing and spicy. The windowless space with ultra-high ceilings doesn’t need a view to exude luxury, with its opulent tones of gold and ivory cream throughout the space. The restaurant serves only one degustation menu, with 15 courses that can span up to four hours, with exclusive tea pairings in-between. Each course is prepared with meticulous detail and is heavily accompanied by an interesting origin story that allows guests completely immerse themselves in Sichuan cuisine. The menu whisks diners through highlights including the 88 Fortune Treasure Platter, the mapo tofu in a laurel leaf-wrapped bowl and the Longevity dandan mian. Sichuan classics are reinvented with new interpretations and novel ideas without losing track of the true potential of the regional cuisine—and it may leave you spellbindingly amazed.

What to order

  • The 88 fortune treasures kicks off the variety of dishes of the degustation menu. Prepared with meticulous details while showcasing eight different flavour profiles from sweet and sour to fiery red oil.
  • Masterpiece ma po tofu is a show stopper. Four varieties of tofu varying by texture and flavour is placed inside a laurel bay leaves wrapped stone bowl, with wagyu meat sauce sizzling within, creating herbaceous richness and variations of textures in every bite.
  • Secret Recipe – King Crab Leg is deceptively simple, where a single Alaskan king crab leg is served with a spice topping. The highlight lies in the richness of the tuna and sea urchin sauce, with rich umami similar to that of the crab legs.

Tatler Tip

Sichuan Moon offers a shorter version of the degustation menu for guests who wish to have a speedier experience. Ask the server for menu options at the time of reservation.




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