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European, Modern, 
Harbourfront and Sentosa
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Tue – Sat 18:30-22:30
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This tasteful and elegantly-appointed Italian restaurant delights with its delectable fare

Tatler Says

Conceived as a showcase for visiting chefs with Michelin starred-restaurants (and with its own highly talented chef in attendance), this tasteful and elegantly appointed venue delights with every course. An unusual first course of an egg soufflé is served foamy and light as air on potato cream with a frankfurter grüne sosse and briny pops of exquisite Kaluga Queen caviar. The very pretty foie gras pâté with Breton lobster carpaccio is a divine appetiser with a uniquely tangy sea buckthorn berry jelly. The main course of glazed Hokkaido scallops is ocean-fresh and packed with flavours that perfectly complement the accompanying pork terrine, an emerald pool of sauerkraut consommé and aromatic parsley oil. Dessert, simply named Snickers, is a quenelle of fresh milk ice cream with lashings of caramel and melted gianduja chocolate sauce and peanut crumbs— simple, but sweetly satisfying.


There’s an extensive selection of wines to enjoy at this establishment. Try some of the more adventurous labels with guidance from the staff.


1. Egg soufflé with frankfurter grüne sosse and oscietra caviar
2. Foie gras with lobster carpaccio and sea buckthorn
3. Hokkaido scallops with sauerkraut consommé and parsley oil
4. Snickers dessert


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