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Chinese, Cantonese, 
Causeway Bay
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Mon – Fri 12:00-15:00
Sat – Sun 11:00-15:00

Dine like an emperor—spoil yourself with regal food in an illustrious setting

Tatler Says

Located at the quieter end of causeway bay, the third floor restaurant offers a fairly interesting view over the tramways and the area’s hustle and bustle. The dining room breathes luxury in the best way Hong Kong can—there is an abundance of space. The tall ceilings and large tables do hint at grandeur but the general décor errs on the side of tired or tacky.

The Regal Palace’s menu is vast and is likely going to take a few readings. Three pieces of advice here: the first is to go with someone who has some knowledge of Cantonese cuisine, the second is to go with a big group (food ordering is much less stressful if you can order table full). If you fail in those two, the tasting menu is a good option. Alternatively, go for these:
For an intriguing start to the meal, the braised fish soup with egg white and carrot features a sumptuous soup with rich fish flavours elevated with refreshing little bubbles of egg white. The stir-fried lobster topped with Shanghai crabmeat and roe is another fittingly regal way to begin, with the different flavours and textures (creamy lobster broth, slippery vegetable, delicate crabmeat, crunchy twill, and gold leaf) making each mouthful a real adventure. A good test of any Cantonese restaurant is their barbecue and the Regal’s char sui in particular is exemplary—expect powerful meaty notes, sweet honey, and just a little bit of char.

The wine list is almost as long as the food menu and features a good mix of new world bottles as well as options from France and Italy. More options than you’d expect to find in a Chinese restaurant.

With such a vast dining room, getting your servers attention can be a real problem. Plates are also changes slightly less frequently than is desired and tea cups can stand empty for a while. However, when they are at your table, service is incredible attentive and warm.

A decadent Cantonese feast with wine for two is likely to set you back around $1500. However, the large menu means there are options to suit every appetite (and wallet).