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Singapore's colonial heritage is infused into a cocktails dripping with local references

Tatler Says

What to imbibe: Nutmeg and Clove, Tsukiji Fizz, Good Ole Fashion Revolution

Another stop in the historic Chinatown circuit, Nutmeg and Clove marries Singapore’s colonial heritage with a cocktail offering that is dripping with local references. The menu is divided into five sections that draw from Singapore’s progression from colonial outpost to modern metropolis: Trading Post, which acknowledges Singapore’s beginnings as a nexus for trade during precolonial times; Crown Colony, inspired by Singapore’s golden epoch as Britain’s crown jewel; Banana Republic, refers to the period when Singapore was under siege during the Japanese Occupation; Sovereign State, when independence was declared; and Metropolis, in celebration of our island’s splendour as a first-world city-state. Taking classic libations and putting a spin on them with Singaporean inflections, the bar team has injected unconventional yet recognisable flavour profiles into their inventive beverage offerings, such as the Nasi Lemak and traditional Chinese medicinal flavours enhanced with hawthorn dates.

“Nutmeg & Clove’s latest menu is a lovely exploration of the potential of Southeast Asia’s flora for use in cocktails. Their Oh My Jasmine is a fabulous take on the classic Scotch sour using jasmine and green tea.” — Daniel


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