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With premium ingredients and extravagant décor, this restaurant offers proximity to the casinos and a larger-than-life dining experience

Tatler Says

The revamped Mizumi stylishly captures the essence of Japan and its culinary history. The restaurant’s signature red is still used throughout, a shade that brings energy and attention. Guests who wish to witness a specific style of preparation (teppanyaki, sushi, or tempura) can opt for a seat at 
the specialty counters; otherwise, an a la carte selection of dishes from each section are also available in the main dining area. Guests can unwind over a cooling array of the region’s sake, paired perfectly with the array of food offerings. Not only is Mizumi excellent when it comes to recreating the classics (the sushi is experly crafted and showcases polished technique), it introduces new elements to traditional forms, such as western-style salads with Japanese elements such as fried Tokushima lotus roots or homemade tofu. Service is attentive and friendly, and staff are well-trained to answer questions about sake or wine pairing, as well as offering sound suggestions to pair with food.

Tatler Tip

Guests with a specific discipline in mind (teppanyaki, sushi, etc) can opt for a seating at the specialty counters, otherwise a la carte selection of all disciplines are available at the main dining area.



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