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Mon – Fri 12:00-14:30
Sat – Sun 11:30-15:00

Ritz-Carlton Macau’s Chinese restaurant captures the artistry of stylish interiors and the fine art of the remarkable Cantonese dining

Tatler Says

The city lights at Galaxy Macau are particularly fantastic through the windows of Lai Heen, best paired with a sensational showcase of Cantonese cuisine. Perched on the 51st floor of the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Macau, the view is spectacular from the top, but the best experience lies within
 the establishment. The dimly
lit corridor welcomes guests
 to an expansive dining room, embellished with shades of turquoise and blue that mimic the Ming Dynasty porcelain and artwork on display around the room. Lai Heen’s unparalleled excellence is down to the sheer finesse of their Cantonese offerings, from standards such as barbecued Iberico pork to crispy fried chicken, to new icons with the likes of prawns with tangerine sauce and an updated take on braised pork belly with preserved vegetables. These revamps on classics give dishes new energy and a new concept and presentation, transcending tradition. The beauty of Lai Heen lies not only with the quality of food and wine offered, but how it does so with such effortless ease that enhances each guest’s experience. The attentive and bespoke service on show will ensure many more return visits to come.

Tatler Tip

Lai Heen features a wonderful wine list, but it is the artisanal tea list that you should not miss, as specialty teas are brewed tableside and refilled with new brews throughout the meal.




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